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The Making of... (1/2006 EP)

1. Free Mind Asylum
2. What's It to You
3. Take a Ride
4. Jazz City
5. Beatman
6. That One Thing

3/102007 Single
Ashes to Dust

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Moxxy is quite unlike any music act in the industry right now. All you have to do is hear Moxxy and you'll agree that something big is in the works for these talented musicians. Anyone can play a great show in front of motivated and packed house... but no one can bring more energy to a lethargic and disinterested audience like Moxxy. Their on-stage chemistry draws the audience into their music to the point where inhibitions float away and the music reaches you at a visceral and ethereal level all at once. Describing their sound is almost useless; its something you have to feel, to experience in order to appreciate. And the best part? Their humility is their biggest source of strength. Moxxy is a pseudonym for the original "moxie," meaning "aggressive energy, initiative, and skill, along with the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage." The shoe fits. From the wicked guitar riffs and insane percussion to the low, smooth, subtly powerful bass and lyrics that make your heart skip a beat, Moxxy's in-your-face style merges with a broad range of influences to create a perfectly unique sound that defies all labels and characterizations. Is modern music ready for Moxxy? They would say that they are modern music, and the world is still trying to catch its breath.

Chris Servia – Lead Vocals/Piano/Beatboxing

You’ll probably never meet another guy quite like Chris. As lead vocalist, he is the one of the most prominent figures in the band, but is quick to pass the buck and credit his bandmates with their share of the spotlight. “Without equal shares, every band falls apart… it’s like a family,” Chris says. That sort of mentality is what lends credence to Chris’ in-your-face lyrical style as he rips up the mic. Far from a one-trick pony, Chris has been singing since he was six years old, and even performed at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in the off-Broadway musical Lucky Stiff. Not satisfied, he began playing the piano two years ago, and has incorporated that into his stage presence. But what he may be most recognized for is his beat-boxing. Without seeing it live, you’d never know the difference between his voice and a radio. Watching him blend such a wide array of thumps, clicks, and even song lyrics into a cohesive melody is one of the most amazing events you may ever witness. His staccato style has its roots in his love of hip-hop and rock, and with influences like 311, Rahzel, the Roots, and Incubus, Chris feels he is well-schooled in the art of funk. But just when you thought you had him pegged, Chris will transcend genres and steal your heart with deep, soulful melodies and soaring harmonies that take away space and time. The energy emanating from his performance draws the audience into Moxxy’s music so that even skeptics must admit he’s doing something right, and by constantly evolving his writing style, Chris will keep Moxxy on the razor’s edge.

Kye Larsen was born july 15th 1984 to two middle class parents whom surrounded themselves and their two children with a lifestyle catering to the arts. His father, Marc Larsen is an accomplished musician of nearly fourty years, and the early mentor of Kye. Kye began playing drums at an early age of 3, practically before he knew how to do much more than walk and talk.

Percussion, however, was only a gateway drug to Kye’s life-long addiction to music. At the age of seven, Kye's curiosity for music was no longer subsided by the drums, he entered the realm of strings. For years Kye's only pastime was six strings and a quiet room. On the morning of his fourteenth Christmas, Kye woke up to a beautiful, 1988 custom American made Stratocastor. This was the fruit on which he was nurtured. This new found “Porsche” of guitars motivated him to excel to new heights with his musical talents.

Early in high school, Kye teamed up with two other
musicians with equivalent passion to form the band
“Mongolian Barbeque.” They developed a fresh new style that teamed their classic rock and jazz
influence with the poetic underground culture of
hip-hop. MBBQ, lasted for nearly three years until it
was disbanded due to college and other inconveniences.
Immediately after Graduation in the summer of 2002, Kye abandoned the strat at home, had a liaison with an Ovation celebrity acoustic, and provoked his solo talents. He packed his bags and headed for the sunset. Kye ended up in a small town called Leadville in the high country of Colorado. This is where Kye played his first solo show; at the Tennessee Pass Café. This was followed by a wave of ambition to maintain the essence of performance. Kye soon moved back to the big city of Chicago and began vigorously seeking his new fix. Efforts were sending him in a different direction than he had thought they would; as he began working with Deep Space production and transpired a music festival rooted in his passion towards politics. MuPaw (music for political awareness