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The purpose of my music is to make people feel what it is like to be in Cincinnati without ever having been here.


Live from the 5-1-3 comes one of the most captivating artists of the new millenium. Blessed with a powerful insight into the society that we live in, Ryan Welch aka Moxy Monster comes from a unique perspective that makes him equally adept at talking about the spoils of the fast life as he is at showing us the perils. Covering a wide range of topics from politics and drugs to relationships and god Moxy is the future of urban music.

Growing up on Cincinnati’s Eastside allowed Moxy the luxury of seeing both sides of the class spectrum. “I’ve been from the gutter to the penthouse and I’ve realized that nothing separates but our own egos and preconcieved notions about each other”. While most artists choose to use their music to glorify their petty accomplishments, Moxy chooses to cover all aspects of his life. His successes, concerns, and failures are all covered in his music. “I never understood how always talking about one subject could possibly be ‘keeping it real’ when dudes got moms and families, stress and worries. If you choose to ignore all of the other aspects of your life but the one or two topics you cover in your songs how can you call your music ‘real’?”

In addition to being an amazing songwriter, Moxy tears through performances with a fervor and passion that captivates spectators and commands their full attention. Moxy doesn’t ask for your attention, he commands it. On stage, Moxy is like an ox out of the cage, charging full speed ahead at the crowd delivering a high energy performance throughout the show. “Hey, they don’t call me monster for nothing.”



Written By: Ryan "Moxy Monster" Welch


Open up your heart man
open up your mind
if you really wanna shine
just open up your mind (3x)

Verse 1:

You see me shinin baby?
I see you ballin daddy
you ridin on them chrome rims
with the gold caddy
Im chillin on the seas
Im cooler than the breeze
Its like the times freeze
when im takin flicks cheese
must be a dream
so wheres the sandman?
i let the pretty girls
cover me in the sand man
we eat raw oysters
they give us bull balls
i stick the ball in the hole
like a pool hall
you see me on a yacht
be like how he do that?
we some cool cats
but you already knew that
we come up together
i wanna see you rise
you can have the world baby
but the paradise
well thats for me and mine
you like the way i shine?
man we dont even harvest shit
we eat it off the vine
some people say im lame
some people say im g
but i aint too concerned
baby im just being me
see i dont mind the hate
because i know its fake
and love is something much stronger
that you cant break
itll get you far
sort of like a fast car
call you haters bogeys
you just not up to par


Recognize the truth
Bow down to your highness (2x)
Nati Kangs
got the golden touch like midas
Recognize the truth
bow down to your highness


Verse 2:

We been through down and out
aint nothing like drama
dont even sweat dont even fret
i still love you mama
you got a better mind
i see its better times
the time is now we shining now
cuz its heaven designed
my back against the wall
i gotta stand tall
im not gon fall
because i cant fall
i dont take away
i just enhance yall
so end the games
like a number 8 black ball
youngster teensters
middle aged seniors
put your deuces up
if you down for love
see your boo boo
dont tell him yoo hoo
grab the shorty up
and say i found my love
now you can be for sure
the words i say is pure
purer than the sand
on the deepest ocean floor
haters can grow taller
than ever before
just as long as you know that love
is growing much more



Written By: Ryan "Moxy" Welch

Verse 1:

hands up hands up
gotta getcha grams up
everybody gotta prove
that they are the champion
action! action! everybody chattin
soon we all get our caskets closed
like a caption
danger danger man im full of anger
know your momma told you
to stay away from strangers
banga banga jumpin like a kanga
end before you start it
we the human coat hangers
pause it pause it
you almost lost it
sick the dogs on you chumps
ask ken lawson
god son god son
you aint gotta ask me
id much rather be that
than try to be flashy
popcorn popcorn popcorn thugs
i dont appreciate
your fake popcorn love
astrighfirillah astrighfirillah
lord forgive me
i beg for your mercy
till the day that you end me

Living in the fastlane
push it to the limit
actin like a bad man
but you know you shouldnt
gotta do the best thing
whatever im given
living in the fastlane
push it to the limit

Verse 2:

Lets talk about the evils
dividing up your people
they buy up shit that we built
act like they dont need help
dont be silly man
the world is run by backstabbers
who stack more than you did
to cop that black acura
im back after the cats
who got stacks in amtrak
and nasdaq
to rape and crack africa
dirty diamond jewelers
yeah you know the shine producers
thatll take your nine
and shoot ya man
divide you
and reduce ya plan
shit is so hard
in these viagra times
that why kicking them braggin rhymes
is asinine
nigga betta grab ya nine
and act refined
stop worrying about these girls
wit fat behinds
gotta see its poverty
not a black or white thing
if you aint got dough
they gon strap you
let you feel the lightning
broke ass white niggas
voting for bush
he got you at the edge of the cliff
and he ready to push
let all of you texans cook
look hes right in his nook
this nigga daddy wrote the book
on being big time crooks
prolly sittin there laughin
thinking its so funny
the way they came blasting
after the dope money
you think that im perpin
you can ask the taliban
how they swept em up
for burnin poppy fields off in afghanistan
since a third of the opium
coming from afghanistan
and a third of americans
working for the dope man
we gon kill you
if we cant press ocs or bag grams
so if you tryna fuck us over
boy you'se a bad man
like batman and robin
you wantin no problems
last fuckers who fucked us
you saw em
we shot em.


That One Type

Written By: R. Welch, C. Johnston

(Verse 1)
Im that one type type
that n*ggas cant bite
the ill shit that only comes
once in ya life
an 80s baby
dudes from the 90s amaze me
gettin open off of b.i.g.
spittin it crazy
that cat said
its all about the benjamins baby
so when i get this deal
i stack mills like the 80s
we everywhere
just like crack in the 80s
a.i.d.s kill em quietly baby
used to play on the stoop
with my ninja turtles
lil o, man, tony, bay, lamont
was my circle
f*ck the world what I learned
as I push my 10 speed
from the great tupac
through my n*gga quincy
he was from that cincy
so he carry two glocks
had his pocket full rocks
like that n*gga pimp c
bumpin symphony
had an old school fetish
didnt feel the new s*t
was really improvement
so I kept on trekkin
moved step for step
wu tang told the boy
protect your neck
they tried to
run my pockets but I rep my set
nati kang what I scream
till I rest in death
I want dough like oprah
no checks
will have a n*gga feeling hopeless
oh yes
and hip hop taught me a lot
but yet
I learned my best lesson from aretha

That one type type
that one type type
that one type type
graffiti writers write
that one type type
djs like to hype
that one type type
that one type type

(Verse 2)

Young emcees
rhyming like me
wanna f*king bes
you'll never be sleaze
this my legacy
and my destiny
taught by the g's
the real og's
black men in the street
how to rhyme on beat
turn the other cheek
live out martins dream
since wu tangs cream
a drug addicted fiend
at just 16 and thats a 16
when I got clean now im 18
jails all ive seen section 8s mean
no longer teen
will i live to see?
at least 23
with 3 felonies


Jerry springer been the mayor of my city before
no wonder n*ggas all bummy act s*itty and poor
used to watch that cat channel 5 news at four
at five
he was getting high with a fly crackwhore
now thats what you call a one type muf*cka
m.v.r.p. hit you with that blucka blucka
banging that busta busta
they'll go crazy
bangin that dayton fam theyll kill your babies
ma tried to kill me
but no cover
its white everywhere just like the suburbs
pregnant girls on the twirl
they are crack mothers
wait a second man
this is the suburbs
moved out there its sposed to be residental
but I gotta say its looking like crackhead central
niggas coming out here to get they cake up
in one day
you can cook up a jacob
common sense ma
yeah thatll dictate
even in the suburbs
section 8 is section 8
people in bad shape
always gonna smoke base
people in bad shape
always gonna move weight
thats the way that it is
not the moves that i make
in the city that I live
thats the way that most cake
I recieve the most hate
but you know I dont break
Im like a dead mans hand
cuz you know I dont shake


F*ck Simon Leis
F*ck the Ho-lice
The shit real deep
A lost black sheep
Who state property
Now at 23
With a felony
Released to the street
Sellin pounds of weed
Hanging with peeps
Thought id never be
A legit emcee
Till Noah rescue me
To hip hop scene
But no one hearing me
Except the emcees
Who never came weak
Or hated on me
I bought their cds
Listened when they speak
Learned when they teach
The end result me


(2001) One More Hit LP - Renaissance Establishment
(2004) Nati Kangs Vol. 1 Mixtape
(2005) Basement Vol. 1 - Ak Steel
(2006) Moxy is Coming Mixtape - Moxy Monster
(2007) Basement Vol. 2 - Ak Steel
(2007) Eye of the Tiger LP coming soon...

Set List

Sets last anywhere from 15 min. to an hour depending on the event. Songs such as "Love" and "Butterface" are mainstays in an impressive repetoire from Moxy and his high energy band.