BandRockNew Age


Instrumental stoner rock with a mix of heavy riffs and calming drone

Influences: Earth, Cult of Luna, Isis, Led Zeppelin, Sigur Rós, Electric Wizard, Smashing Pumpkins, Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, Mogwai, Dead Meadow, Bongzilla, Whit, Silversun Pickups.


Moy is a trio from Iceland. We started out as a punk rock band(winter 2010) but we quickly evolved into a kind of stoner ambient drone band. Our main influence is Earth (Bees made honey in the lions skull, Hex). We have had a good response from the not so many stoner rock bands and fans in Iceland and hope to do more.


M: Magnús Ingvar Ágústsson (Bass)
O: Óskar Björn Bjarnason (Drums)
Y: Yngvi Rafn Garðarsson Holm (Guitar)


We recorded a small EP in the winter of 2010. It consists of three songs which are all available on our facebook site. (under tracks)