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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"This artist could be big in the UK"

"We are much impressed with this artist, whom we believe could be big in the UK. His music is similar to George Michael and could be very radio friendly." - Jane Wallace, SuccessPR - 'pr to the stars'

"Moycano has a very lovely smooth distinctive voice"

"We loved your song tears of this is beautiful, reminds me of some early Terry Hall stuff, very popy and almost jazzy, but mainly classic mellow pop. This is a lovely production also and very good for Radio, we love it, and you (Moycano) have a very lovely smooth distinctive voice...classic." - Dale Olivier, A&R, Matchbox Recordings LTD - UK Discs and Face Value Records

"Moycano is a singer with an unusual voice"

"Moycano is a singer with an unusual voice and self penned acoustic pop!" - HALO BAR, London

"The portuguese pop star is taking the world over Moycano."

The portuguese pop star is taking the world over Moycano. - Terry Burrus


DAWN (c) 2009
01 - C'mon Kids
02 - Love For Freaks
03 - Wanna Dance Now
04 - Lady In The Cafe
05 - Roll The Dice
06 - Revolution Streets
07 - My Timestep
08 - Flowers Of June
09 - Tears Of Crime
10 - Life Tricks

List of some new songs (to be produced professionally):
01 - Charlie's Alone
02 - High Destinations
03 - Red, Yellow, Black & White
04 - While The World Spins
05 - Keep Standing on My Feet
06 - Santa Wants no Money (Christmas Song)
07 - Getting Started
08 - My City Of Gold
09 - Lost in My Emotions
10 - A Soldier's Wife
11 - I'm Still Standing

Produced Recently at Kensaltown Studios (Producers Andreas Olsson and Martin Terefe):
- One Smile One Child



Moycano is a singer/songwriter with a distinctive voice, that has started his journey in London.

Moycano was born in 1982 in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Raised in a business environment he was always encouraged to follow in the family's foot steps. Thank God he didn't!!!

His first album released called "Dawn" is a debut full of stories recorded in late 2007.

Apart from the album already recorded, Moycano in now recording his own music and producing his own tracks. Some examples of his recent work are songs such as "High destinations", "Red, Yellow, Black or White" or even "Charlie's alone". Great tunes!!!

Moycano does believe that in that way he is able to find himself in the sound he makes, creating something that could distinguishe his music.

Once he was asked why the name MOYCANO, he replied:
"Tribes live from the soul and from the nature. My music evolves in that way, similarly to the involvement of nature. It's the natural process of creation which happens like the bloom of a flower, naturally!"

Moycano and his band called "Tribe of the Vibe", now with Terry Burrus (Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Janet Jackson, etc...) as musical director/pianist, are about to start their journey of live performances around London and throughout the UK, who knows, somewhere close to you!

A tour in USA is being planned for 2011.

So look out for this fellow! He could be the start of a whole new scene...

Hit the road Moycano, hit the road!