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"Article On Moy Rivera"

Local band Moy Riviera recently released their new acoustically based EP, "The Second Time Around."

The lastest release takes it roots from genres like rock, folk, soul, reggae and a little bit of hip hop and ecompasses their unique style of indie rock.

The band made their debut during a concert series at Broadway Musical earlier this month, where they performed with acts such as Heather Katz, Michael Griffin, country artist Danny Bakan, longtime Canadian performer Virgil Scott, and many others.

Songs from Moy Riviera's EP are being aired on Toronto's 102.1 The Edge, and other indie stations worldwide. Visit for more information. - The Banner

"Moy Riviera Organizes CD Release Party"

Moy Riviera organizes CD release party

Thursday January 8 2009
By Adam Martin-Robbins

Local indie-band Moy Riviera are holding a CD-release show at Broadway Music (232 Broadway, Orangeville) Saturday, Jan. 10 for their new disc Slow The Process. Tickets are available at the door for $10. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Things are flowing fast for Moy Riviera.
Alex van den Hoef and Ben Riddell formed the Orangeville-based indie band just over nine months ago as an acoustic duo. Before long the pair, who first met playing high school talent shows at Orangeville District Secondary School, were playing gigs around town and had put out a five-track EP entitled The Second Time Around, which got some airplay on Toronto’s renowned alt-rock radio station 102.1 The Edge.

A little more than seven months later, the group has transformed into a five-piece, electric act that has just released a music video and a second EP, Slow The Process.

“It’s all been happening pretty quickly,” says the soft-spoken Riddell. “Things are falling into place rather conveniently.”

The band, which also includes van den Hoef’s brother Chris on drums, bassist Brad Cars and pianist Laura Conning, are all local youth with a passion for music.

The van den Hoef brothers started out jamming in their basement — Alex on guitar and Chris on drums — as pre-teens. By the time Alex was in Grade 8, they had their first band — a punk rock outfit — and were playing shows in Dufferin and neighbouring Caledon.

Riddell, who comes from a musically inclined family, first got into music by singing in his church choir. But his passion for performing was really sparked when he picked up a guitar for the first time in Grade 9.

“I fell in love and realized that’s what I enjoy doing in life,” he says.

Conning also has a passion for performing but this is her first time doing it as part of a band. Until now, she’s been showcasing her talents through theatre, including doing shows with Orangeville Music Theatre.

She and Alex, who are both 17, are in their final year together at ODSS, while Chris, Riddell and Cars, who are all 19, graduated a couple of years ago and are now in college or working.

Despite not being a very close-knit group before coming together as a band, they seem to have gelled very quickly.

“We didn’t know each other all too well — we started connecting and we’re all really close friends (now),” says the quick-talking Alex.

The music that has resulted from a collaboration of musicians from such varied backgrounds is difficult to categorize, say the pair.

"We can’t classify ourselves,” says Riddell with a pause. “We’re an acoustically based rock project.”

“With an infusion of soul, folk, alternative-pop,” Alex throws in.

“We don’t go ‘Let’s make this song a punk rock song — it’s not like we classify it,” he explains. “Ben or I write a song and we jam it out and see how it sounds … We’re trying to bring an indie-rock sound that people of all ages — young or old — can enjoy.”

That way of creating music is sort of in keeping with the intended meaning of Moy Riviera.

“We look at it like a metaphor … we’re all from different areas and we’re floating up the same river,” Alex says.

“We like the concept of ever-changing, ever-flowing, continuous motion,” adds Riddell.

Perhaps it also explains the rapid pace at which the band has evolved and is pursuing a deal with a record company to help them finance a full-length album.

To that end Alex recently headed down to Los Angeles to meet with a publicist who has done work for major artists including Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson.

They’re also trying to get as much exposure as they can for their video — which they hope will be picked up by MuchMusic or MTV — and the new EP.

To promote the latter, the band has organized an all-ages, CD-release show tomorrow night (Saturday) at Broadway Music, which will also feature Silverlane, Project McIntosh, Zed’s Dead and, headliners The Artist Life. The video, meanwhile, is available for viewing online at

“I’ve been through so many projects where there’ve been lots of great musicians but you have to have a certain drive and intensity (to be successful),” says Riddell.

“We’re going to push as hard as we can as an indie band,” Alex throws in.

But if they can’t convince someone to sign them, they’re not going to let that dash their dreams.

“Regardless if we get a contract, we’ll go ahead and record the full-length ourselves,” says Riddell. “We’re prepared for 10-years of poverty — if that’s what it takes.”

“What’s better than performing music with your best friends?” Alex asks.

“It’s one of the best jobs, if you can make money at it,” adds Riddell.

Those who want to check out Moy Riviera at Broadway Music (232 Broadway, Orangeville) can pick up tickets at the door for $10. The doors will open at 7 p.m.
- Adam Martin Robbins


EP - "The Second Time Around" - June 2008
EP Releasing January 10 - "Slow The Process"

Moy Riviera Get Air Time On:
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Moy Riviera will be available on Itunes Worldwide, as well as Rhapsody, Emusic, Amazon, Napster, Shockhound, and LaLa.



We believe there is more to life then the ever developing social structure and regime, instilled upon us by our naive educators. We try to bring out a unity in our own diversity so that we can make an example for the sheer possibility of expanding someone's acceptable boundaries. We break and burn, but only to make room for the bigger and better.

Ours is the goal to put back the raw unpaved thoughts that once led us to lead each other. For we are not the creators, nor the destroyers, simply an example of change. In the end as long as we can look back and say, we inspired and moved forward, then that’s all we need.

Each member of Moy Riviera was part of a musical scene for the past couple years, either playing in a punk/rock band, a reggae band, or involved with musical theatre. It seems each member floated up the same river and created something brand new with a unique sound.