Mozart's Sister

Mozart's Sister


"In Tucson’s alternative rock music scene, dominated by male-fronted bands, Mozart’s Sister provides a breath of fresh air. This rockin’ is nestled somewhere in that sweet spot between female-fronted 90’s alternative rock bands like Belly and 80’s pop-rock like the Pretenders."


The name of our band, Mozart's Sister, was literally derived from the story of Wolfgang Amadeus elder sister, Nannerl Mozart. She was also a music but when she was a teen, her parents no longer supported her musical talents and determined her destiny to be about domesticity and marriage.

Because we are a female driven rock band we hope to inspire for other females persue their real dreams and passions.

Last year we played Girl Power Day at the University of Arizona. "Girl Power! is a national campaign designed to encourage and reinforce girls' self-confidence by providing them with positive messages, meaningful opportunities and accurate information about key health and career issues. It is a day of exploring the issues that may prevent teen girls from achieving their goals."

It was one of our favorite experiences so have approx 200 teenage girls dancing to our music asking us all sorts of questions about how we started playing music.

Our goal is to continue to rock and inspire.


Smoke Signals

Written By: Amy Munoz Mendoza

Is there a way in, cause I’m a little lost
Is there a way out, of my thoughts
All I can see, can hurt me

I’ve grown tired, of the same game
I’ve grown tired, of feeding the flame
All I can see, can’t hurt me
Let’s put the fire out
Let’s put the fire out
And we’ll pretend, pretend that there’s no smoke
And you can never run, at the same pace
Cause it’s all over you, it’s in your clothes
All I can see, just hurt me
Let’s put the fire out
Let’s put the fire out
And we’ll pretend, pretend that there’s no smoke


The Girls We Followed Home - On Itunes - Released 2007 Includes:
1) Smoke Signals
2) Paris Hllton Blues
3) Anything
4) Crack Whore
5) Worst Case Scenario
6) Creep
7) Anhedonia
8) Aftertaste
9) Time Chaser
10) What I Want

These songs are played on Internet Stations as well as Public Radio.
We are beginning the process of recording our next album.

Set List

Drowning in Denial
Bitch Back Off
Catch 22
Worst Case Scenario
Smoke Signals
Crack Whore
Wet Dream Queen