Mozely Rose

Mozely Rose


"We take you to the face because OLD is NEW AGAIN. " "You might not like us, but your girlfriend loves us" "We play good music" "When 'we' get through throwing it on ya, you're gonna come back for more"


Mozely Rose has been making the classic sound new again for over five years. Their outlaw country rock sound reflects their hometown of Richmond, VA and their own life experiences on the road and off, good times and bad.

“Mozely Rose stands out from most of today’s Southern rock emulators because of their high-quality lead vocals, sharp songwriting and occasional funk/R&B touches.” -Peter Hund,

After relocating to Nashville, TN, the duo has been taking time from touring to focus their efforts on writing new material with Grammy winning songwriters and industry veterans. Songwriter circles and workshops have been a large emphasis for MoRo. Now that the song selection process is behind them, Mozely Rose is about to launch a new grassroots radio campaign with their three newest singles just recently recorded in Nashville, TN (visit or to hear the new singles). Look for a digital release of the new tunes in the Fall of ’09 as well as show dates to support the release.

For many years, Mozely Rose called the road their home as they toured extensively with over 175 shows nationwide each year. The tour was in support of their album, The New Brew, released in 2007. During that time, they shared the stage with acts such as Leon Russell, Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter Group, David Lee Murphy, Pat Green, Emerson Drive, and Molly Hatchet. Their relocation to Nashville was kicked off by being asked to perform at George Jones’ ranch during George Jones University, which led to many showcases during both 2008 and 2009’s CMA Music Festival week.

Across the Atlantic, Mozely Rose has been making an impact in the foreign market with CD sales and digital downloads in countries like Germany, Italy, Belgium, and in 2007 they were featured in the French magazine, Bands of Dixie, and were nominated for best southern rock band for the year 2007.


She Don't Want Me Drinking

Written By: Matt Nicholls

She said she don't want me drinking, and I said honey what am I gonna do, If you dont change your way of thinking, then I guess one of us has to choose

I dont think I'm ready for change, I dont want to drive you away, so maybe it's better I go, cause a love that aint healthy aint worth working for

Maybe I need motivation, to come and give me a kick in my head, look at what I would be missing, when I can't get your face out of my head


So maybe Im ready for change, and I wont ever drive you away, maybe it's better I stay, cause chances like these don't come around every day

...she said she dont want me drinking


New Singles, rel. Winter 2009 "The Truth" "Different Dreams" and "Three Day Weekend"

THE NEW BREW, rel. Early Summer 2007; The band’s second album, demonstrates their roots of blues, country, and rock and roll.

LOW DOWN AND DIRTY, rel. Spring 2005; The album went to several radio stations and went to semi qualification round for the Grammys. It was nominated for Best New Artist, and Best New Album

Radio Play: Good Enough (TNB), The Pure Station (THNB), Sinner Saint (LDD), One Long Week (LDD) and a few others on internet radio.

Set List


All I Need
Catching Up With Me
Once Again
Don’t Leave Me Now
I Don’t Know You
Leave Me Alone
Why Do You Cry
One Long Week
Poor Mans Money
Sinner Saint
Down and Out
Where’s The Line
Stuck in the Middle
Something for Me
Low Down and Dirty
Rollin the Dice
Take It Up with the Bottle
Second Chances
Red Riding Hood
My Time
Moving On
Paper Napkin
Good Enough
Four Years
Baby Doll
Not What We Bargained For
Fit My Dress
The Pure Station
Nasty Peanuts
Funk Off
Say What You Want
Never opened My Eyes
She don’t want me drinkin’

Cover Songs

Funk 49 - James Gang
Brown Sugar - Stones
Honky Tonk Women- Stones
She Talks to Angels - B Crowes
Hard to Handle - Blk Crowes
Soulshine- Gov’t Mule
Statesboro Blues- Allman Brothers
Blue Sky – Allman Brothers
One Way Out – Allman Brothers
Jessica – Allman Brothers
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed – Allman Brothers
Under the Bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Weight- The Band
Ballad of C