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London, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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The best kept secret in music


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Mozez, he who lent his ultra-soulfull vocals to both Zero7 albums, and has helped caused the initial massive stir on Zero7's"This World" from EP1 before it was even signed has finally got round to finalising his debut album. The result "So Still" is simply stunning. It's a good a soul album i have heard since Maxwell "Urban Hang Suite" Soul In the real sense and not the insipid poppy stuff that frequent our nation's music charts. This is propper soul music propper arrangements and really quite stunning. Mozez even carries on from where Marvin left off with his 'inner city blues' on track 'Troubled Mind', but the album moves along effortlessley, with enough diversity throughout to avoid accusation of plagerism. The song writing is just not good it's exceptional. Cut's such as "Feel Free" 'Spinning Top" "If I Fall "and" Eternity" are beautiful, whilst Mozez pulls in henry Binns from Zero7 on colloboration duties on "Beautiful Day" and teams up with Nightmares on Wax on "Fuzz" Somehow Now is the album most instantly accessible and upbeat track, ironically produced by downtempo magician ,Jon Hopkins. "So Still" is a truly wonderful album, beautifulpolished soul. It's out on Apace Music-

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Review Red Magazine
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So Still
Dec 2005

Thanks to the tender ache in Zero7 singer Mozez voice his debut has been eagerly anticipated.With the help of Bjork and Madonna Callaborator, Guy Sigsworth he has created a world of feather light soul,all deep grooves,sensual bleeps and gorgeous orchestration.****
- Red Magazine

'So Still' - review (
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Mozez - So Still (18 10 2005)
Contributed by momma

A debut with moments of outstanding serenity and beauty, with waves of soulfully crafted musicianship and outstanding lyrical freedom, Mozez has released a work of inspired song writing to announce his presence as a solo artist. In collaboration with Zero 7 Mozez honed a style absorbed from his gospel singing days in Jamaica, a home that he left to follow the bright lights and big sounds of the British pop world. Forming ‘Spirits' with Beverley Thomas and enjoying Top 40 success along the way, Mozez' desire to produce his own laid-back, soul-laden compositions directed him towards the Zero 7 fold in time for their debut ‘Simple Things' lp - Mozez singing and co-writing the title track.

Fellow Zero 7 front man Henry Binns returns the favour by appearing on track 11, ‘Beautiful Day', a dreamy acoustic soundscape that is lighter on the bass and more instrumental in tone. Otherwise there is a soul-driven rhythm throughout this record, an indication of Mozez' inspirations and of the direction he is setting for himself as a solo artist. Intro track ‘Feel Free' whirls around the ears in a swaying cacophony of loops and feel good sunrises. It's a perfect tone-setter for revealing the intentions of both the album and the artist, a statement in its obvious sense but also an appeal - to embrace the music afresh and judge it on its many delightful merits.

Mozez' vocals are as good as modern British soul has to offer today, and his song writing sets him some way beyond the pop-world's too often soul-less contenders. Attracting the attentions of Nightmares on Wax - who produces the track ‘Fuzz' on the album - shows that whilst the man is aiming for the big sound he is staying true to a craft he has perfected alongside the less mainstream yet equally influential contemporary artists.

Mozez' laid back vibes are easy listening for sure, yet reveal the passion and enjoyment of a man clearly at ease with who he is as an artist. Recommended for those uplifting moments that every spirit requires, infusing a feel-goodness of early soul legends as well as a modern freshness that shines brightly in both the man and his music.

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Review Fidgital's Journal- Last FM
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Review: Mozez - So Still
Wednesday, 9 November at 22:45

Nightmares on Wax
Curtis Mayfield
Zero 7
Jon Hassell
Tears for Fears
Frou Frou
Guy Sigsworth
Mozez - Take The Sun
Mozez - Venus Rise

Wrapped in gorgeous grey-scale line art packaging, the debut album from Mozez has a sticker saying "The Voice Of Zero 7". As much as this is an exaggeration (Zero 7 works with several vocalists), Mozez's voice will still be very familiar to fans of Zero 7.

So Still features advertised appearances from Henry Binns of Zero 7 as well as Nightmares on Wax, but this sells short Guy Sigsworth of Frou Frou, who produced and co-wrote two of the best tracks on the album.

The real star is, of course, Mozez himself, who co-wrote all the songs and provides all the gorgeous soulful male vocals (female guest vocalists are used on some pieces). He also co-produced several of the pieces himself, delivering a sound which is confident and consistent.

The overall sound is a blend between neo-soul and chill-out pop. Of course, there are similarities to Zero 7, N.O.W., Frou Frou and Air, as you'd expect, but there is something about the songwriting which reminds me of Tears for Fears. Mozez's vocals are reminiscent of Curtis Mayfield, full of soul, vulnerability and confidence. The Guy Sigsworth tracks will probably remind many of the tracks he produced for Björk as well.

The highlights for me are Mozez - Take The Sun (with great dub-influenced drums, wicked vocoding and loads of emotion despite deceptively banal lyrics) and the gorgeous Guy Sigsworth-produced Mozez - Venus Rise (featuring a wonderful breathy trumpet solo by Jon Hassell).

After Mozez - Venus Rise, the album goes downhill, never getting bad, but they certainly front-loaded this album in terms of quality. The last few tracks just sound a little too much like tracks we've heard before.

All in all, I like this album a lot better than I thought I would! I can think of several people this would make a great Christmas gift for. If you're one of them, just act surprised, okay?

Four stars.

- Fidgital's Journal-Last Fm

November 24th, 2005
Mozez - (Apace/Fusion III)

So Still
Isa Tousignant

Britain's Mozez, the smoothest thing since molten molasses, follows up on his contributions to Zero 7's fame with his aptly titled solo debut So Still, which immobilizes the listener with his euphonious purr. Here's a vocal artist who knows the power of his instrument and wields it deftly, subtly, never showcasing but breathing out the meaningfulness of 10 men. He revives Curtis Mayfield and pays homage to Maxwell with a new, fresh beauty that's pure indulgence. Can't wait for more.

- - Music - Spin


(Simple things, This world, I have seen, Worm sound, Over our heads,Morning song)ZERO7
ALBUM -SO STILL, Feel Free, Baby Blue & Take The Sun


Feeling a bit camera shy


If Mozez’ butter-smooth vocals sound heaven sent, it’s with good reason. The singer songwriter spent the first half of his life singing exclusively in churches. Now poised to release his debut solo album, his music has taken him from the West Indies to West London, from the church to the charts, and the hearts of thousands, thanks to his celebrated collaborations with Zero 7.

Born Osmond Wright . Mozez looked towards the American soul greats for inspiration - Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and Frank Sinatra were his idols.

When he was in his late teens, He was invited to England for a short tour of churches. Despite his reservations with the English weather, Mozez decided to stay, studying theology in Hammersmith .

His first break came In 1994, Mozez performed at the wedding of Sun journalist who was looking to sign a musical act. Recognising Mozez’ potential, he rushed him into the recording studio with female vocalist Beverley Thomas. As the duo Spirits, they reached the Top 20 with the single Don’t Bring Me Down, and Mozez found himself in a whole new world.

Despite success with the follow-up Spirit Inside, Mozez found that riches did not necessarily follow success. He was later introduced to Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker, the production whiz kids who would later find fame as Zero 7. They gelled with Mozez instantly, and when they embarked on the first Zero 7 album, Simple Things, Mozez co-wrote and sang the title track, (Simple Things), and This World.
Another Zero 7 album, When It Falls, followed, and all the while Mozez worked away in his home studio in Maida Vale. With input from friends including (Guy Sigsworth),Ben Chapman, Nightmares On Wax and, of course, Zero 7, he created his solo album, writing and recording when the inspiration struck. Five years later it’s finally finished.
“The album is my definitive statement,” he says. “It’s a collection of ideas from my travels, my feelings, my passions, my insecurities, my love, my family, the whole thing. It’s exactly what I see myself as.