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"Gospel Grooves"

by Liz "Radio Angel" Black
Maharold Peoples, Jr. & Tribe of Praise recently completed their sophomore project, Theory of Evolution. Led in words and orchestration by the multi-talented Maharold Peoples, Jr., this CD brings a message of hope to the broken, grace and mercy to the fallen, and faith to the believer. "God Can Do Anything But Fail" is my favorite, testifying that, if we put our faith in God, we empower Him to do what He needs to do on our behalf.
Liz "Radio Angel" Black is the founder of New Mercies Cafe, Inc., a radio personality for 89.1FM WFDU's Gospel Grooves Program, and can also be heard bringing the gospel news for 98.7 Kiss Inspirations on Sundays. For Information visit
- Tri-State Voice, November 2007

"Maharold Peoples, Jr. & Tribe of Praise - Theory of Evolution"

By Em Fergusson

At the end of an exhausting day, are you truly prepared to let your worries fall to the wayside? Or, perhaps you need that little pick-me-up during your day at work?

The worship and praise, taken to new levels on the introspective project, Theory Of Evolution, is paramount to being shut in with God. Music minister Maharold Peoples Jr. and the harmoniously talented group, Tribe of Praise, have returned after six years to minister in song. And their ministry is certainly blessed! Each track resonates with a deep sincerity that not only offers praise but celebrates one of God’s greatest creations, the human being.

Maharold Peoples, Jr. and Tribe of Praise are not new to the gospel scene. In 2001, the group released their debut album entitled The Millenium Project. Staying true to their flavorful roots, the group does not stray from delving into a rich blend of traditional, contemporary and soulful gospel songs. Peoples and Tribe of Praise deliver each track with a refreshing and compelling style.

From the declarative, up-tempo, I Shall Not Die, to the heartfelt, emotional, Face The Wall, this 18-track project offers an array of musical selections composed to engulf the listener in God’s presence. The song entitled, He Broke Me To Bless Me, is Peoples’ testimony to how far God took him in his life. The profound lyrics take you to the point in his life where God rescued him: In the grip of His Grace/In the grip of His grace/In the grip of His grace/He broke me to bless me/Oh! He holds me/Holds me/ Jesus, He holds me/In the grip of His grace…

The message of hope is powerfully conveyed. When times become trying and the light at the end of the tunnel can barely be seen, God can turn things around. Such is the message on the soulful, mid-tempo song God Can Do Anything (But Fail). Trusting God is important during these times, because, as the lyrics to the song testify, There’s no problem too hard for Him to solve. Songs are accompanied by scripture, providing much needed spiritual food along with the music.
The moving ballad, When Things Don’t Change, follows the theme of hope in a weary and darkening world. Praising God is important, regardless of what takes place in life. The song testifies to perseverance, using the faith God has granted to each and every one of His children.

Peoples states: “As you listen to the Theory of Evolution project, I earnestly pray that you would allow the message to penetrate your spirit. We are living in a world that has blurred the lines between holiness and un-holiness. But we, as Christians, are called to put a difference between holy and unholy and between clean and unclean.”

Peoples and Tribe of Praise are certainly on an important journey in taking God’s Word to the masses through praise and worship. Theory of Evolutionis a great blessing and will continue to be played as the years go by, until our Lord’s return.
- Music Reviews Aug 2007

"Local Gospel Group Releases Second Album"

Maharold Peoples Jr.’s music saved someone’s life.

About four years ago, Peoples, 44, a government contractor living in Manassas, got an e-mail from a woman in Africa. The woman wrote that his song, “Don’t Give Up on God,” inspired her - and stopped her from committing suicide.

Peoples is the leader of Maharold Peoples Jr. & Tribe of Praise, a local gospel group that just released their second album, “Theory of Evolution,” through Relevant Praise Music Group.

They are performing this weekend in New York City and will perform locally in September.

The multi-denominational group, which has been together for nine years, has 18 members, mostly from Northern Virginia with a couple from Maryland.

Peoples grew up in the Bronx and has been singing gospel music since he was a young boy. He sang in church and started a high school gospel choir.

“I’m a church kid,” said Peoples, adding that his high school choir sparked the idea for his current group, which he transitioned into a professional ministry in Manassas. It is independent from his church First African Methodist Episcopal Church of Manassas. He added that the goal of the group is to keep gospel music “alive and real.”

“We want to reach lives, we want to change lives, we want to affect lives,” said Peoples. “Even though it’s Christian music, we still want to keep it real, keep it relevant.”

He added that it is not crossover music and includes everything from uptempo numbers, slow ballads, spiritual songs and practical songs. Much of it is inspired by events in his life.

The song “Rumors of My Demise,” for example, refers to when Peoples had just gotten divorced 16 years ago.

“It was a bad time in my life,” said Peoples. “That came out of my own experience, my own pain.”

“The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated/the devil thought he had me/but I got away/God forgave me/God restored me/I’ve got the victory” from “Rumors of My Demise.”

For members of the group, his lyrics are honest and inspiring.
“We’re blown away by the messages in the songs,” said group member Karen Jiggetts, 37, of Germantown, Md. “His music encourages us as well.”

She added that the group rehearses every Monday at Peoples’
home, and that his songs speak to the group first.

“We have a very family-oriented mentality, it’s not just about us singing together,” said Jiggetts, who joined the group after Peoples started playing at her church, First Mount Zion Baptist Church in Dumfries, seven or eight years ago.

“Being that I am a Christian, it is important to me to go out and spread the word to other people,” said Le’ Shea Dove, 27, of Spotsylvania, also a member.

Dove is a recent member and had not yet joined while the group was recording the album, but had to learn the songs.

“It deals a lot with Scripture,” said Dove. “It’s not make-believe, all of his songs come straight from the Bible.”
She added that Peoples has written new material, but they are not working on a new album.

“It’s very inspiring,” said Dove. - Potomac News, Virginia


Theory of Evolution - 2007 - all original songs
The Millennium Project - 2001 - all original songs
Take Off the Mask - 1988 - all original songs



Min. Peoples has just released a new inspirational book entitled, What to do When Things Dont Change... Encouragement During Unchanging Times (Tate Publishing; 2008)

Min. Peoples travels, preaching the Gospel and teaching workshops for churches, conventions and other special events.

Some workshop topics include:
Look Again: “Changing Your Perspective of Your Situation.”
Face the Wall: “Focusing on God’s Plan for Your Life.”
Strength in Your Struggle: “How to turn a whine into a win!”
Stuck in the Cocoon: “Waiting on God while He is Working You.”

Licensed Minister of Gospel, Maharold Peoples, Jr., is a graduate of the Manhattan Bible Institute of New York City. He has also attended Hugee Theological Institute and received his ministerial certification through Sharon Baptist Church, Bronx, New York. With growing recognition across the US,
Min. Peoples is founder and director of Tribe of Praise, an aggregation of talented singers and musicians who perform original music composed by Min. Peoples., located in Northern Virginia. In 2001 Tribe of Praise released their first independent CD, The Millennium Project. In 2004 Min. Peoples formed Relevant Praise Music Group, an independent record label, by which Tribe of Praise completed their second CD Theory of Evolution in 2006.

Minister Peoples is largely known throughout the New York, Washington Metro and Northern Virginia areas for his contribution to Gospel music. He has served as Minister of Music for several churches in the NY area. Among them are Sharon Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, and the oldest Baptist church in New York, Mariners Temple. He was also Music Director for the famed Pastor, Dr. Suzan Johnson cook.

Min. Peoples is hailed as one of the most insightful and anointed treasures of Christian songwriting. Reverend Albert Jamison, Chairman of the Board of Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA), and the New York State Mass Choir has recorded a song entitled "He's My Friend", written and produced by Minister Peoples. This 1994 nationally released project was entitled "Movin On". Other exciting collaborations featuring Minister Peoples include the Union Grove Mass Choir CD, The Grove Experience, and a live recording with the New York Convention Mass Choir in NYC. Min. Peoples produced five CDs with the New York based Worship and Praise Mass Choir, the last of which is entitled Take off the Mask 1988.

Minister Maharold Peoples, Jr. is Chapter Representative of the Northwest Virginia Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. Min. Peoples is a dedicated and accomplished songwriter, producer, singer and musician. He has also performed alongside mainstream artists such as Kelis, Nas, Doug E. Fresh and Allure.