Maharold Peoples Jr., the Minister of Inspiration, is one of the most annointed singer, songwriter, musician and producers in Gospel music today. Visit: to learn more. He is also the published author of What to do When Things Don't Change (2008).


Min. Peoples has just released a new inspirational book entitled, What to do When Things Dont Change... Encouragement During Unchanging Times (Tate Publishing; 2008)

Min. Peoples travels, preaching the Gospel and teaching workshops for churches, conventions and other special events.

Some workshop topics include:
Look Again: “Changing Your Perspective of Your Situation.”
Face the Wall: “Focusing on God’s Plan for Your Life.”
Strength in Your Struggle: “How to turn a whine into a win!”
Stuck in the Cocoon: “Waiting on God while He is Working You.”

Licensed Minister of Gospel, Maharold Peoples, Jr., is a graduate of the Manhattan Bible Institute of New York City. He has also attended Hugee Theological Institute and received his ministerial certification through Sharon Baptist Church, Bronx, New York. With growing recognition across the US,
Min. Peoples is founder and director of Tribe of Praise, an aggregation of talented singers and musicians who perform original music composed by Min. Peoples., located in Northern Virginia. In 2001 Tribe of Praise released their first independent CD, The Millennium Project. In 2004 Min. Peoples formed Relevant Praise Music Group, an independent record label, by which Tribe of Praise completed their second CD Theory of Evolution in 2006.

Minister Peoples is largely known throughout the New York, Washington Metro and Northern Virginia areas for his contribution to Gospel music. He has served as Minister of Music for several churches in the NY area. Among them are Sharon Baptist Church, Trinity Baptist Church, and the oldest Baptist church in New York, Mariners Temple. He was also Music Director for the famed Pastor, Dr. Suzan Johnson cook.

Min. Peoples is hailed as one of the most insightful and anointed treasures of Christian songwriting. Reverend Albert Jamison, Chairman of the Board of Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA), and the New York State Mass Choir has recorded a song entitled "He's My Friend", written and produced by Minister Peoples. This 1994 nationally released project was entitled "Movin On". Other exciting collaborations featuring Minister Peoples include the Union Grove Mass Choir CD, The Grove Experience, and a live recording with the New York Convention Mass Choir in NYC. Min. Peoples produced five CDs with the New York based Worship and Praise Mass Choir, the last of which is entitled Take off the Mask 1988.

Minister Maharold Peoples, Jr. is Chapter Representative of the Northwest Virginia Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. Min. Peoples is a dedicated and accomplished songwriter, producer, singer and musician. He has also performed alongside mainstream artists such as Kelis, Nas, Doug E. Fresh and Allure.


He Broke Me to Bless Me

Written By: MP2


M. Peoples, Jr.
2006 BMI Relevant Praise Music Group
Lead: M. Peoples, Jr.
“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called
according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

I came to a point in my life when I lost everything
I lost my friends, my reputation
I had no song to sing
My mind was confused and wounded
My life shattered by the storm
On the rocky shores of defeat
Lie broken fragments bruised and torn
He broke me, Jesus broke me

Just like the grapes ripe in their season
The Lord plucked me from the vine
Yea like the grapes in the winepress
Broken to bring forth new wine
He broke my will
All I could do was stand still

In the grip of His grace, in the grip of His grace, in the grip of His grace
He broke me to bless me

He holds me, holds me
Jesus, He holds me
In the grip of His grace

Theory of Evolution

Written By: MP2


M. Peoples, Jr.
2006 BMI Relevant Praise Music Group
Ad-lib: M. Peoples, Jr., Rap: Dr. Wilbur Myrick, Aria Peoples
“And the Lord formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man
became a living soul.” Genesis 2:7

I don’t subscribe to the thought
That there was a ‘bang’ in the start
That we were not what God meant
But rather a freak accident

I didn’t evolve from an ape
For that would not make me great
And not from a Neanderthal
For how could I live and stand tall?

My Theory of Evolution
Is that God created me in His image
That Jesus lived and died to redeem me
And everyday I’m changing to be more like Him

This is what I believe
That I have a destiny
That God created man
And did it with His two hands

Formed from the dust of the earth
He made a vessel full of worth
Then he breathed the breath of life
That’s when man came alive

My Theory of Evolution
Is that God created me in His image
That Jesus lived and died to redeem me
And everyday I’m changing to be more like Him


Take a moment to relax your mind
Sit back, unwind; let’s talk about mankind
Rewind let’s take a journey in time
Where it all began when God created man
Alpha and omega from beginning to end (He has the whole world in His hands)
With a plan to expand on this land in God’s hand
Understand sinner man?

I’m ready, so ready, to fulfill my destiny
Yes Lord, yes Lord; anyway you use me, yes Lord
Yes Lord, yes Lord; anyway you change me, yes Lord

I’m ready!

Faith Will Work (If You Work It)

Written By: Maharold Peoples, Jr.

By faith, Noah built an ark of wood
Warned by God, that there would be a flood
Noah took God at His word
He and his family survived the flood

Faith will work, if you work it
Faith will work, if you work it

By faith, Moses stretched his rod out to the sea
Believing God was going to give Israel victory
The children of Israel walked dry ground
A wall of water on the army fell down

Faith will work, if you work it
Faith will work, if you work it

By faith, Joshua at the walls of Jericho
Marched around the walls just because God told him so
When the people made a joyful shout!
The walls of Jericho fell down
I tell you that the walls came tumbling down
Every stone fell to the ground

Faith will work, if you work it
Faith will work, if you work it

Faith is the substance of things hoped for
It is the evidence of things not seen
It is how I know God will work things out
In spite of what I see or what I feel

My faith looks up to Thee
Thou Lamb of Calvary
Saviour divine!
Now hear me while I pray
Take all my guilt away
Lord let me from this day be holy Thine

Your faith will work, if you work it

The Way A Man Thinketh

Written By: Maharold Peoples, Jr.

Music and Lyrics by M. Peoples, Jr.
Relevant Praise Music Group/BMI
Lead: M. Peoples, Jr.

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he;.." --Proverbs 23:7

The way a man thinketh so is he
You can think you are defeated
Or you can think the victory
Remember this: You are a child of the King
The way a man thinketh so is he

What you speak out of your mouth
Shows just what is in your mind
So place God’s word in your thoughts for then you’ll find
No weapon can destroy the word of God
The way a man thinketh so is he

I think victorious therefore I am
I think spiritual therefore I am
I think unstoppable therefore I am
I think invincible therefore I am

I think it in my mind, then I speak it with my mouth

I think it, then I speak it
The way a man thinketh so is he

Rumors of My Demise

Written By: MP2


Maharold Peoples, Jr.
2006 BMI Relevant Praise Music Group
Lead: M. Peoples, Jr. Rap: Dr. Wilbur Myrick

“Behold, God will not cast away a perfect man…..” Job 8:20

You said you heard I was down and out
Bruised and broken down for the count
You heard I’d lost my will to live
Lost my vision, dwelling on the negative
Let me let you know that the rumors are not true

Let me clear up a couple of things
And let you know that I’m walking with the King
You’ve heard that I’ve been destroyed by sin,
Don’t believe the hype, in the end I’m gonna win
I’m here to let you know that the rumors are not true

The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated
The devil thought he had me, But I got away!
God forgave me
God restored me
I’ve got the victory

I hear the whispers against my name
A dead nobody, never be the same
God has said, in spite of my fall
He would bless I’ll recover all
I’m here to testify that the rumors are not true

So don’t believe the lies that people say
I’m a testimony God will make a way
The devil closes windows, God opens doors
He’s so good my knees hit the floor
I’m alive right now to say that the rumors are not true


Mind over matter; all this chitter-chatter
Rumors all around me; I thought you knew better?
Instead of spreading truth, you keep on spitting lies
Thinking that your rumors will lead to my demise
God’s mercy said ‘no’
He wouldn’t let me go
What you thought would destroy me, God used that to mold me
Now I stand free, I’ve got the victory
And with all God’s promises you can’t stop me ‘cause I am…..

I’m an overcomer, I’ve been set free
I’m an overcomer, you can’t stop me
I’ve got the victory, oh yes, yes, I’ve got the victory
I’m an overcomer


Theory of Evolution - 2007 - all original songs
The Millennium Project - 2001 - all original songs
Take Off the Mask - 1988 - all original songs

Set List

4 - 6 songs / 20 - 35 minutes

7 - 15 songs / 40 - 90 minutes

No standard set list. Mostly original music by Maharold Peoples, Jr. featuring sides from the latest two CDs The Millennium Project and Theory of Evolution.

A variety and wide range of music is available, including some covers, allowing customization of sets according to promoter and/event.

The band consists of 5 or 6 musicians.

Maharold Peoples, Jr. is capable of singing to tracks (although a live band is preferred.)

Maharold Peoples, Jr. & Tribe of Praise
A Tribe of 12 (9 singers / 3 musicians)
A Tribe of 16 (11 singers / 5 musicians)