MPInferno are an instrumental 3 piece band. They play a Punk/Metal style of Math Rock, and they have a diverse set of songs that range from quiet glockenspiel and delayed guitar Blues-Jazz odysseys to all-out Hard Rock.


MPInferno are a 3-piece guitar drum and bass outfit from Dublin. With many influences from the likes of Soundgarden, Shellac, Trans Am and Tortoise, MPInferno's sound is best described as Punk-Metal music.

Band members John, Alan and Gavin have been playing together in various bands since 1998. MPInferno was formed in 2005, and after several months writing a new set, they have focused on building a reputation as an energetic, unconventional rock band.

In the past two years, MPInferno have played in venues such as The Button Factory, Eamonn Doran’s, Radio City, The Boom Boom Room, The Lower Deck and The Hub. MPInferno also made successful appearances at The Ballroom of Romance in October 2007, and again in July 2008.

Since 2007 they have played with bands such as Simon & The Ghost, Mojo Fury, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Story of Hair, Sincabeza (France) and Souvaris (UK).

All of MPInferno's songs start out as improvisations, recorded during jam sessions. Over several weeks, even months, they combine the most interesting elements and then hone the parts until there is almost no repetition. With no vocals, the bass and guitar share melody duties at times. MPInferno like to improvise on everything they do. Whether in the studio or on stage, they take straight-forward riffs but play them with the spirit and freedom of Jazz.

MPInferno have a self produced 2 track CD available. Recorded and mixed in The Blackpitts on their own equipment, ...long time no sea bass is MPInferno’s first EP and is available for download from http://mpinferno.com and http://myspace.com/mpinferno. It is also available directly from the band at their gigs.


2007 - ...long time no sea bass

Set List

30 mins - 1 hour sets, all original material.

Set List:
(1) VerbMyNoun
(2) I'm A Tiger, I'M A TIGER
(3) Chop Shop
(4) All You Do With Your Life...
(5) Something Nautical
(6) One Track Pony
(7) Polar Beer vs. Polish Bear
(8) Budapest, I'm Coming Home
(9) TP Ration