MPI Project

MPI Project


With over 12 years of International experience MPI Project has proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the Dance Music Industry. His Live act is like no other and always cutting edge and never the same. With recent remixes of Steve Angello and Jesus Jackson to name a few he is bound for stardom!


MPI Project (Mike Politis) was born in Zimbabwe, during the most turbulent of times in that country, the end of the 70’s. As a small child his parents took him to New York where he grew up and his love for music ignited. This contrasting blend of influences of the upcoming New York house music scene and the soul and rawness of the African continent, became Mike’s base from where he operates.
After enjoying his childhood in the USA, Mike moved back to Africa to live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Leveraging on his multi-cultural background, Mike started of as a Drum n Bass DJ in early 1994, continually progressing to open South Africa's first Drum n Bass record label, WayWest Wreckordings.
After setting his sights more on music production, he then opened 2 more Record Labels, Fracture Records and Kloraform, which have both enjoyed numerous successful releases within South Africa and vastly across the global village. You will find Mike’s older productions as an array of styles; from Hip-Hop, House, Electro and LoFi to Nu Skool Breakbeat and Drum n Bass.
Nowadays, the MPI Project sound has matured towards danceable electro, with minimal and tech house influences, without forgetting his musical background and heritage. Other Aliases of MPI Project include: Niteanday, D-Sine, Kode5 and Subtraction.
Mike is widely recognized as an essential driving force within the South African dance music scene - A status he has held for over the past 12 years now. He enjoys regular live multi dimensional performances which encompass all the vivid impact of an Audio / Visual Music Experience and has supported many International acts both in South Africa and abroad such as: King Unique, Sebastien Ingrosso, Brian Cross, Pendulum, Dieselboy, Raiden, Dylan, Smashing Pumpkins, Shimon, Jazzanova, Randall, Stuart Hillary and many more...
Now and Tomorrow
2008 will be remembered as the year MPI Project took over the rest of the world, starting with the first major step he took in 2007, when he decided to take his career to the next level by moving from South Africa to the UK.
While making a name for himself, he was soon picked up by the London dance scene, and after just four weeks in London, Mike was offered to become the head of entertainment and promotions, as well as resident DJ of London’s famous Zulu club.
Within no time his talent both as a live performer and top class producer was noticed and in just a few months he signed his first European record deal with the world renowned label BeYourself Records.
MPI Project has had the experience of having played on 4 continents in cities such as: London (UK); Bristol (UK); Athens (Greece); Brisbane (Australia); Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Toronto (Canada), Johannesburg (South Africa); Cape Town (South Africa); Durban (South Africa); Tel-Aviv (Israel); Jerusalem (Israel).
And venues like: Pacha, Empire, Club NL, ESP, Timbuk2, Carfax, Mercury Live



• MPI Project - Here I Am - Sheer Music
• MPI Project vs Korrupt – Symbiosis – Timecode Records
• MPI Project – Deep End – GTA Records
• MPI Project – Terraform – GTA Records
• MPI Project vs Cybeareon – The Need – Fracture Records / Knowledge UK
• MPI Project vs Ambush – Sword of Omens – Fracture Records
• MPI Project – Jam – Fracture Records
• MPI Project – Gleaming The Cube – Fracture Records
• MPI Project feat Redhead – Feel Me – Fracture Records
• MPI Project – Ruthless – Fracture Records
• MPI Project – Loudness – Fracture Records
• Missile Myles vs MPI Project – Fight For It – Fracture Records
• MPI Project – Twist It Out – Fracture Records
• MPI Project – Work – Kloraform / More Music
• MPI Project – History – Grooved
• MPI Project – Jihad – Grooved
• MPI Project - Electro Affair – Grooved
• MPI Project – Electrofoil – Grooved / More Music
• MPI Project – Mused – Casual Kickback
• MPI Project – World Supremecy – Casual Kickback
• Mike Delicious feat Shaun Styles – One Life (MPI Project RMX) – Kloraform
• Niteanday – Always There (MPI Project RMX) – Kloraform
• Niteanday – Always There – Kloraform
• Niteanday – Meditate – Kloraform
• Airfresh – Flex – Kloraform / More Music
• Mike & Mathias – Outta Town – Casual Kickback
• Terrorbyte – Jeck My Bitch Up – Kloraform
• D-Sine – Freaking You – Kloraform
• D-Sine – Daze – Kloraform
• Da Chron – Dub Grind – Fracture Records
• Ram Erase – Buzzsaw (MPI Project RMX) – Fracture Records
• MPI Project – Create or Destroy – Bassmint Music
• MPI Project – Wripped – Bassmint Music


• Full Throttle Selection 1 Mixed By MPI Project & Mike Delicious
• Soul Sista
• ESP 2007 Mixed by Dave Skinz & Steve Kaos
• Tattoo Lounge
• Tattoo Bar
• Nighwatchmen Mixed by Craig De Sousa
• GTA Light & The Darkness
• Knowledge Mag CD Mixed by DJ Rawkus
• The Breakdown

Set List

Sets range from 2 hours (Live) to 4 hours (DJ) and comprise of anything from Electro/Tech House to Minimal and Full on Techno.