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One of Southeast Alaska's hottest up coming band TNN; combines their talent with sizzling beats and explosive lyrics


THE BAND TNN : T-Jones, Arrogant and Dray
When three solo artists come together with years of experience and loads of talent,
nothing short of solid gold can come of it. T-Jones was a solo rapper searching for the
right people to form his own group. After years of passing up record deals with other
groups, he met Dray. They hit it off immediately and soon after brought Arrogant into
the group. With the three talented artists collaborating on writing and performing songs,
the music just flows. TNN targets the Hip-Hop generation with their diverse Poporiented
Urban Rap and Hip-Hop music. For the most part, the group tries to keep their songs clean and decent, with a few exceptions. They are currently working on their first
album with the Hood Rat label from SDL Records.

T-JONES: Vocals
T-Jones has been a solo rapper all of his life. His passion for rap started when he was eight years old and he heard LL Cool J for the first time. That song stirred his soul and he knew then that Rappin’ was what he was born to do. He began his musical journey by writing his own rap song and has since mastered
over 80 songs. T-Jones passed up offers from record labels such as Death Row Records and Capitol Priority Records in order to keep on looking for what he knew was right for him, his own group.

ARROGANT: Keyboard and Vocals
Arrogant was introduced to his first love when he was six years old and has been in love with it ever
since, that love is Rap. He grew up listening to Motown and the Top 40’s with Casey Casen, but when he heard his first Rap song, he was finally able to sing along.

“It spoke to me,” Arrogant says, “I could relate to it.”

Rap has been a major part of his life ever since. He formed his first group in Junior High School in Providence, Rhode Island where he was raised, got his first set of keyboards in High School and continued to play with various groups
throughout his school years. Arrogant’s professional experience began eight years ago when he collaborated on the
album Love Root in Nappiness with the Rap group Lost Boyz. He brings over twenty years of Rappin’ and keyboard experience to TNN.

DRAY: Vocals
Dray has been rappin’ for over 10 years. When he was 16, rap became a positive influence in his life
with his favorite group being NWA—and enjoyed listening to Snoop Dog and Ice Cube, just to name a few artists. His passion is not only for his music, but it extends to his group, in whom he has faith
enough to know they are “gonna make it.”
“We have the talent,” Dray says, “We just need to be heard.”


Public Broadcasting
From Alaska's Capital

To Whom it may Concern;
I Am host of a weekly radio show,
The Groove Suite, on KTOO FM in Juneau.
Recently I was given a CD single by Sam Hughs. The single was, " Talkin' About life" by TNN & IMPULSE. The single in my opinion, has everything to make it a hit.
The theme and hook of the recording are fresh and catches you ear right away. The production is krisp and easy to dance to. The Raps are coherant and have a message. I believe the recording to be Top notch and it's a Local Hit.

Gerry Bigelow
Naturalman KTOO FM 104.3

Set List

All Oringal Material:

1) TNN
2) Memories
3) Let's get Cracking
4) Ooohh
5) Love Song
6) Huh
7) Time for you
8) Get the show started
9) In the game

TNN continue to develop a strong local following and regularity draw in the Alaska City and their home town of Juneau.
We frequently change the set to keep the shows fresh.