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Lorton, VA | Established. Jan 01, 1991 | INDIE

Lorton, VA | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1991
Solo Hip Hop R&B





Washington, DC – A Queens, NY native, Mr. Craig began his career as a poet. His affinity for words and rhythm lends itself to his unique writing style – evocative, emotional, and powerful. Previously known as “Strict-ly Shadow,” Mr. Craig reinvented himself with a new moniker. The artist and his music are influenced by classical rap legends such as Tupac and Nas. “Their music has a poetic feel to it. Their lyrics had a lot of meaning,” says the performer of his musical heroes. Mr. Craig, too, is a man with a message, using his powerful words to relate to and connect with others.

Craig entered into a joint venture deal in 2016 with Image Sight and Sound, a multimedia production company, and has worked alongside company CEO Anthony “Mr. Tuck” Richards, who directed Craig’s music video. With Richards’ help, the artist has released his latest single, “One + One.” The song is a true story, an anthem of love and loss experienced by a once broken-hearted Mr. Craig. True to his poetry background, the song evokes feelings of hurt, but mostly hope. Says Craig of the song, “If you’re lucky enough to find someone you can connect with, that’s a really special thing.” Most recently, the artist released the song’s music video, which features actress Hada Vanessa, handpicked by Mr. Craig for her immense talent.

Mr. Craig is a man of many talents that span far beyond songwriting and rap. Deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, he holds a degree in radio broadcasting, has worked in audio and video, voice-over, mastering, producing, A&R, and more. With his background in video, Craig was responsible for editing his own music video. He continues “behind-the- scenes” music work under the umbrella of Strict-ly Entertainment, a company of which he remains CEO.

With all of his experience and knowledge, the artist and creative entrepreneur is eager to pass on his knowledge to upcoming artists. His advice to others? “Learn the business,” insists Mr. Craig, “Music is not an easy industry, and a lot of young artists don’t understand the logistics – they just want to rap.”

Driven and immensely talented, Mr. Craig is an artist to watch. Stay tuned for his album, Evolutions, which is set to release Winter 2016, and his next single, “You Wouldn’t Understand.”

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Hailing from Queens, New York, the American hip hop artist Mr. Craig is an undeniable talent taking the independent music scene by storm. Previously known under the moniker of ‘Strict-ly Shadow,’ the performer has been compared to the likes of Tupac and Lupe Fiasco. Now residing in the ‘DMV’ (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area, Mr. Craig is hard at work on an array of fruitful projects that define his role not just as a musical artist, but as a contemporary entrepreneur and creative.
When listening to the music of Mr. Craig, one is greeted by high energy production that exudes personality and passion. The hip hop artist’s formula fits elegantly with his persona, and each track presents itself to the listener with a masterful, often painful palette of emotion. Mr. Craig’s long road to where he is now was fraught with peril and potholes, and that’s reflected in his music. As a result, that music is often poignantly relatable to fans, contrasting the light in our lives with the darkness that often eclipses it.
Four years ago, Mr. Craig unveiled his music to the world with ‘Penning Thoughts,’ his infectiously catchy hit single. In the years that have followed, he has been featured on notable mixtapes, lauded by fans and critics alike, and he has become synonymous with determination, commitment, and dedication.
Prior to his debut as an independent musical artist, Mr. Craig was deeply rooted in the industry. He holds a degree in radio broadcasting, and as such, his portfolio of skills is all-encompassing. The artist has worked in audio and video, voice-over, mastering, producing, A&R, and more. In recent years, the umbrella under which Mr. Craig manifests his creativity is Strict-ly Entertainment, the company he founded and remains the CEO of. The publishing section of his endeavor, Mr. Shadow Music Publishing, has also inked a publishing deal with Princess Blue Music for film, television, and commercials. In 2016 Mr. Craig merged his company Strict-ly entertainment with Image Site & Sound to work on joint video/film projects together.
There is no limit to Mr. Craig’s accomplishments. He is one of the most driven artists in the music community today, and his resolve is echoed by the consistent quality of his music. Both Mr. Craig and the efforts of Strict-ly Entertainment are very much worth keeping tabs on, as great music and creative journeys are on the horizon.

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