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Positive, passionate and aggressive as Tupac. A sheer presence like Jay-Z, and a profound verbal ability like the Notorious B.I.G. Mr. 44 has arrived to claim the throne in the world of hip-hop.


From break-dancing at the age of six to writing and performing his own material at age 12, Sultan was on his way to building a foundation to launch a solid music career. The quest for stardom took flight for this young star the day after his graduation - literally. As he received his diploma from West Technical High Scool, Sultan was on his way to London, England. He would become the premier artist for Black Eye Records, the urban music division of Wave Entertainment. This situation was short lived after the company folded ten months later. This did not deter Sultan who eventually relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, and released several projects under the alias, "Stash." He returned to the local music scene and changed his stage name to "Rising Sun," and within a few years he prepared a demo package for Darkside, a local record label ran by Archie Blaine. Mr. Blaine had industy contacts through his close relationship with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, which at this time would serve as a major catalyst for Sultan's next project. The collective goal was simple; they were going to put the Midwest (Cleveland) back in the forefront of the music industry. The single, "Make it Vibrate," was the initial jumpstart for the camp to accomplish their mission. The summer of 2001, held much promise for Rising Sun and Darkside; the single has captured the attention of local and national listeners, according to it's billboard ratings, making it one of the hottest singles of that year. The momentum carried into September 2001, with the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards hosting its first annual Hip-Hop awards ceremony. The ceremony was put together to acknowledge the accomplishments of local pioneers and trendsetters in the Northeastern Ohio region of the state, which included Rising Son.

Along with this upward progression of events, came some dilemmas; Rising Son and Darkside were not seeing the same picture, subsequently the relationship began to dissolve. In 2005, Sultan, now married and starting a family, emerged on the scene as part of a group of four veteran artists called, Fahrenheit. The other members of the team of emcees were Shayla Gainer (Rain), Kwan Chia-Lung (Kwan), and Sultan's nephew, Nicholas Abdullah (Nicotine). They released their debut album, "Life Story," later that summer and began performing in the local scene. Although the mutual talent and passion were evident, the group was not able to connect as a unit and parted ways in the closing of that year. In November 2006, Sultan released the solo album, "Man Up," under the alias, Mr. 44, followed by his mixtape, "Mr. 44: Get to Know Me," in the summer of 2007. The struggles of Sultan Abdullah are enough to make most aspiring emcees throw in the towel; he continues to fuel his passion to be the greatest with his past pitfalls. In February 2008, Mr. 44 launches his new album, "The Hip-Hop Hero." So, prepare to become a witness to the new standard in lyricism with the release of this album.


* Opened for Slick Rick, Public Enemy, Outkast, The Youngbloodz, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - 1999

* Opened for Big Gipp and Sleepy Brown - 2003

* Opened for Young Dro - 2006

* The Ohio Hip-Hop Awards "Lyricist of the Year" - 2001

* Five-time "Golden Mic" winner at Wildstyle Tuesday's - 2007

* "Party Like a Rock Star" Tour - July-August 2007

* "Hustle and Grind" Tour - August-September 2007

* "Nerve DJ's" Artist of the Month - August 2007


* Mr. 44: Get to Know Me Mixtape - June 2007

* The Hip-Hop Hero - February 2008