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Adam Emil

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo R&B Pop




"ENDEE Online Magazine"

Adam Emil, a young hot singer and songwriter in Chicago is paving the way with his hot new sound, and image to match. Adam Emil, describes his sound as, “R&B Soul, with a little bit of hip-hop influences.” “When I’m in the studio recording, I feel like a rock star and I know it’s right,” Adam Emil says.

Tell us who you are and how you came to be? I’m an urban pop artist and it began in the inner city of Chicago. My father played records all day long and my mom made sure I practiced my piano before anything else. Music continues to help me through good and bad times. A big step was when I decided to make it my major in college. During that time I began writing and recording and that’s what brought about my album “Journey”. (Available on itunes)

Tell us what you think of the music industry currently, how hard is it to get noticed or make a name for yourself? The music industry is still the corner stone for art and pop culture. We still look up to our artist but we are a little more selective how we spend our money. It also doesn’t make much sense to spend money for what you can get for free. As an artist my truth is that creating should never be about the money. Art comes from the struggle and overcoming. Getting noticed takes work, but also a good product helps. My song “One and Only” was featured on Vh1 Soul and that brought good publicity. I still believe in the power of your song. Nothing comes without lots of hard work and patience. A little good luck can go a long way also.

How do you describe your music to people? I describe my music as urban soul. My music has proven to relate to demographics of all different walks of life. I have music for everyone. It’s urban it’s fun it’s crossover and its smooth.

Who are your musical influences? Stevie Wonder, Charlie Wilson and Bob Marley are some of the greats that I’m influenced by. Usher, J.T. and Dr. Luke are some today that inspires me to create.

Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? Today many independent labels are the ones with the major Hits!! The team behind the Star is what helps them to shine. To me it doesn’t matter the label it’s the movement im more connected with.

What can we expect from Adam Emil in the future, and how can our ENDEE readers stay in touch? You can always check your local concert listings for shows by Adam Emil in your area. Instagram, facebook, twitter and google are still great sources to keep up with me. My website is a one stop shop for the latest news, awards, videos and music - Endee

"Soul2Soul Music Vibe"

REGAL, CUTTING EDGE, POWERFUL AND LYRICAL; Those are the words that best describe rising R&B/Pop star Adam Emil. Adam hails from Chicago and he’s being touted as “The New Prince of R&B” by many music industry insiders. He elegantly unites the classic soul of yesterday with the hip sounds of today’s R&B and pop. The dynamic singer/songwriter spins stories of love, lessons learned, conflict and resolution.

Moreover, in November of 2006, Adam Emil was crowned an Apollo Legend. And he won a prestigious Valentines Day songwriting contest. Equally important, Adam has rolled out one of the biggest independent hit records in years with his sizzling single, “One and Only.” In fact, the song helped him win B.E.T.’s “YA HEARD” new artist competition. “One and Only” is a critical success and it has received a great amount of attention from notable commercial radio DJ’s around the country. Additionally, the dynamic music video for “One and Only” premiered on Vh1 Soul!

Adam Emil is an R&B Tour De Force. He is a diamond in a music world full of Cubic Zirconias. Combining an immense amount of raw talent and amazing showmanship, Adam is known for noteworthy performances. His energetic and electrifying stage presence has resulted in tremendous positive “word of mouth buzz.” Adam Emil’s steadfast dedication and drive landed him performance opportunities whereby he and his band have opened up for such top acts like Common, Jeremih, Miki Howard, Bushwick Bill, Twista and more.

Adam Emil has maintained his moral and artistic integrity while taking his art to a new plateau. He sites Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley and Quincy Jones as some of his musical influences. He’s the voice of Generation NEXT!! Adam Emil is poised to put the heart and soul back into R&B. For more info on this rising star and to hear his music, Log on to And Follow Adam Emil on Twitter @AdamEmil. - Jess

"Bean Soup Times"

HJ: I love the Journey CD! My favorite songs are “Rock Star” and “One and Only!” What thoughts and emotions were put into this CD?

AE: Honestly, musically, my main focus was finding a flow. Creatively, I feel like I was painting on an open canvas. It’s my first full album, so my thoughts were to take one song at a time and do the best you can for each song. Emotionally music can be a healer, reviver, and it can paint vivid pictures that only live in our mind. The Journey CD embodies a pool of emotions because no one song is alike. Every song teaches you and forces you to think differently and brings about untapped emotions.

HJ: Your music is liked by those of all ages and ethnicities. You have a strong national and global following! Describe your fan base for our readers. What do you think contributes to the impact your music makes on your fans?

AE: My fan base is still being discovered. I think it is cool that my music relates to people of all ethnicities. I think the genuine lyrics, and my pureness for music is felt by my fans. My music has and still helps me through challenging moments in my life. I would only hope that it can do the same for others, which in turn bonds us together through music.

HJ: Your music is very soulful! Who are your musical influences?

AE: There are many musicians that influence me. Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Justin Timberlake, Bill Withers. I’m glad you feel my music is soulful. I would agree, LOL! These artists, to me, all have an element of soul that is freeing, and I strive to capture that same magic.

HJ: Your performances are high energy and nonstop. I actually saw you perform for about 4 hours nonstop. Tell our readers what they should expect when attending your shows!

AE: When you attend an Adam Emil Show expect to have an awesome time. We will lure you in with soulful songs by D’Angelo and Bill Withers. Next, the show will take you on a mid-tempo ride with original songs like “One & Only”. You may hear a number from the energetic, and extremely talented Keyboardist Adam tours with named DJ Chris G. The Finale will be full of energy and dancing. This style of music is universal and the Show is always Electrifying.

HJ: You are very busy performing across the nation. I assume spare time is limited. However, what does Adam Emil do on his spare time?

AE: Ha! Currently spare time is homework time since I’m finishing up my B.A. at Chicago State University. I like the movies, shopping, and meeting new people.

HJ: I know our female readers would like to know if you are single or in a relationship?

AE: LOL! Aww! Who wants to know? Yes, I am seeing someone! I’m always looking to meet good people.

HJ: Tell us about your latest project(s)?

AE: My latest project is promoting the Album Journey with the Latest Single ” One and Only”, also we are preparing the follow up album which won’t be out until next year. The Journey is doing well. My management is keeping me busy with shows, and now we are working on videos for the album.

HJ: Where can our readers buy your music and contact you for booking?

AE: Simple, you can search Adam Emil in Google or Facebook. Visit and join the fan list so we can stay in contact. Also you can text me directly at 773-908-3591 serious inquiries only. I would love to hear from you so what are you waiting for. Add me on FB!! LOL!

Bean Soup Times - Haakemah Jihad

"The Soultry Group"

Originality- When I listen to this song, I immediately hear familiar vocal timbres comparable to that of Jamie Fox and Tank. My opinion, the song doesn't need to experiment musically, the job this record does at preserving soulful R&b is much more appreciated.

Lyrical Content- It's about making that woman that holds you down, feel like your one and only, getting away and enjoying each other in a different space. Simplistic and familiar, any one who comes to the realization that no one is compares can relate.

Appeal- Adam Emil has already had this video featured on VH1 Soul an indication that this song caught the eye of the mainstream but with any artist, you have to be able to bring consistency. Adam has the right look and sound to match and I can't wait to see how his career develops.

Music Production- One & Only was produced by music producer, Chris Grey otherwise known as Chris G of Chris G Productions, who is also a Illinois native who is also a songwriter and profession musician at Studio Chicago and brings a crisp, quality live sound to One & Only. The drums are warm and dry with a few 16th notes pushing the flow of the song evenly. The piano mid-lows carry the bass and the melodic highs accentuate his low-alto tone. This is another great combo where the music fits the vocals perfectly and I wouldn't be surprised if Chris G produced this song specifically for Adam. - Tricia Monique


Still working on that hot first release.



Adam Emil, a young singer/songwriter out of Chicago is paving the way with his hot new sound. Emil, who has been playing the piano since the age of six, describes his sound as "R&B Soul, with a little bit of hip-hop influences."

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