Mr. Al Pete

Mr. Al Pete

 Jacksonville, Florida, USA
DJHip HopSoul

Independent Hip Hop artist/DJ from Jacksonville, Florida. Introspective but fun music.


In this day and age, true to heart Hip-Hop artists are far and few between, and Mr. Al Pete is definitely one of those artists. One part Emcee, one part DJ, and one part Musical Entrepreneur, makes up just some of the ingredients in the recipe for this hip-hop elitist in Jacksonville, FL.

With influence from his Uncle and mentor Tru.Ski, Mr. Al Pete entered into the world of writing rhymes at the young age of 9. Perfecting his craft during his journey into a full grown emcee, Al Pete decided to make moves towards his goal of being one of the top entertainers in Hip-Hop. One of his initial steps involved coming together with his long time friend and musical partner Shirl Dee Capital, to create GrownFolk Entertainment in 2004. GrownFolk would be an entity that provides an umbrella for many different entertainment aspects of Shirl Dee and Al Pete, including Mr. Al Petes emcee, DJ, Modeling, and Acting careers.

With his hand stirring so many pots, Mr. Al Pete was still working diligently to keep his own music flowing and to keep up with performances in and out of town. In the spring of 2006, Al Pete and Shirl Dee decided to put together the first mixtape to come from GrownFolk Entertainment; "Exhibit A" which received an overwhelming response from the masses. That year momentum continued pushing forward and in the winter of 2006 Al Pete joined alongside with The Elevated Hip-Hop Experience for a special live recorded album. Drive still pushing on in 2007, the spring brought another compilation album release "Can't Tell Me Nothing" which included two of Al Pete's close companions and fellow artists Tough Junkie and Picasso.

On February 2009, Al Pete released his debut album "Talk About It", which includes his popular singles "Something more", "All is Good" and "The Truth". The album received 4 out of 5 with Reax Magazine's review. With this feed back Mr. Al Pete jumped back in the kitchen and mixed up his next project which was released December of 2009, G3.0 a compilation album with producer Notsucal which received a rave review on The Lavilla Project website that states [G3.0] is a rare listening experience, where each track hits just as hard as the last and takes the listener on a lyrical and sonic journey that theyd be hard pressed to return from.

In 2010 Mr. Al Pete expanded his entertainment interests and began filming as one of the lead characters, Marco Lewis in the indie film Treacherous. The movie released in July of 2010 and is currently in rotations at film festivals nationally, with Something More also on the movies soundtrack. At the close of 2010 Mr. Al Pete released two compilation projects in October. The first being H.N.I.C. a Mixtape project with Swurv Radio DJ and Sniper Squad East Coast Mixtape Director K.G.B. The second project A.A.A was a compilation album with Producer Average Jo and fellow emcee Alias. Both projects have been receiving a dazzling response from the masses for these predominantly internet releases.

As of 2011 Mr. Al Pete began stepping back from the features and compilations to work on the individuality of his musical art. Putting all focus into the next project, Fish in the Forest, it will be getting back to the essence of Mr. Al Pete as the solo emcee. Fish in the Forest will be an interesting look into his growth over the past few years. In the mean time Mr. Al Pete has been receiving overwhelming requests for music from his fans which has inspired the release of Evelyn Flow a compact hard hitting 11 minute sampler which provides a quick look into the next level of artistry that we can expect in the future. Also helping to calm the riots is Mr. Al Petes 32 Bar Take Off for which numbers have been sky rocketing since its release in March of 2012. While keeping up appearances through out the region in Orlando, Tampa, Savannah, Atlanta, and Charlotte Mr. Al Pete has his eyes solely on his music, and noth.


Talk About it
H. N. I. C.
Evelyn Flow
Fish In The Forest

Evelyn Flow 2