Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

Along with his bachelor of music-studies, he has worked as a management, bookingbureau, technician, producer and record-label for his own career, and is today one of the most visited norwegian independant artists on Myspace. This is the singer-songwriter / pop-rock - artist "Mr.Andresen".


With his strong vocal, characteristic melodies and warm attitude, 22 year old Lars Andresen presents his own songs in a reliable way.

His debutalbum, ”A part of this puzzle”, is released the 31st of August 2009.

Growing up in a small town in Norway named ”Sarpsborg”, his life in sports kept his singing and songwriting from noticable development for some years. As a 19 year old, he moved to the capitol ”Oslo”, attended a music-college named ”Staffeldts”, and dived into the life of an artist with the attitude of a top-athlete. After three years with constructive work and more than 60 liveshows, the hardworking musician now proves that high ambitions and strong-minded-thinking provides positive results in todays music-business. To be given a grant for his work from ”Innovasjon Norge” surely proves that his talent is well respected.

”A part of this puzzle” is a well composed record. It has a great flow, a large amount of catchy choruses and good guitarriffs, all accompanied by beautiful and melodic pianotunes. It is easy to get the vibe of years with perspectival development throughout this record, and surely this is something that Mr.Andresen will provide in the future. He is an out-of-the-crowd-, interesting and worth-listening-to – artist.

"Continuous hard work and belief in your talent can make you go a long way in todays globalized community," he says.


Off The Way - Mr.Andresen

Written By: Lars Andresen

Do you still think,
it was my fault...
so delayed,
in the traffic, again...
all too late...
Same old excuse for not showing up...
I understand you...

Dont you think,
I´d rather be not too far, from you..
but the car couldn't go,
faster, my dear,
But I´d rather be, Yes, I´d rather be..

always on your mind...!
always on your mind...

I think that you and I'd really make it far, if we'd only make up,
we'd make up our minds.
Are we all for real?
well, let´s just say...
We´re off the way!

I know that I, dont really like to fight...with you,
cause it´s never tight,
no, You always win,
and I'm off the hook,
I cant forget, it's...

Always on my mind,
Always on my mind...


It´s Always on My mind
Always on my mind...
And it´s always on Your mind..
Always on Our minds...

Looking Back - Mr.Andresen

Written By: Lars Andresen

Looking at the street below,
Cars of different colors flow
Different size but still they go..
ignorant of me above
Oh, I guess its just another way
of looking at the same old day...

Looking at the street below,
stony path; to city- go,
Different horse but still they go...
ignorant of me above...
Oh, I guess it´s just another way,
of looking at the same old day..

Looking Back at our time, it seems......
it never stays the same, it never stays the same...
Looking back, it seems.....
our world is changing....
Looking back..

Staring at the windmill go
round and round like all time flow
Rotorblades, so powerful, almost like they´re natural...
Oh, I guess it´s just the world today,
trying hard to stay okay...

Ref. x2
Bro (Solo)

Well, Our world is changing,
Will we make the changes...
Will we make things go...
back to natural..?

Too Good

Written By: Lars-Ingar B. Andresen

Oh, Bending over backwards to get a glimpse,
but your blue colored sweater is barely to be seen,
in the crowd, it feels like i'm not allowed to...
Watch you, cause I'm not seventeen,
and the way my body & mind act, its hard not to be seen...
in my all blue jeans...
So why am I still standing still, I really doubt that I still will,
dare to move on?!!!

You are to good,
to good to be true, but am I;
Good enough for You?!
And will my words speak out
If we happen to meet...

My buddies are complaining cause I've not yet
found the one for me, so they keep bothering me with,
way too much spam in my inbox, But the
pictures will never tell, the whole real story,
that's why I'm glad you're here, all for real...

Always Love To Find

Written By: Lars-Ingar B. Andresen

I cant see if i am wrong or right.
I hope that we could go another night without
building up this drama we have start-ed...

I could let you know if I am out
its often painful fear and love that fights..
lets open up, this romance we once started...cause...

I know love is never easy...
THERE´S ALWAYS ups and downs and you try to get around it but you..
Can´t...but still You get your hopes up...
Life is not as easy as it should...sometimes!

You stay alert and try to understand...
But still, your stage is empty, they all ran..
Cause the music wont start, without a broken heart...I said...


Listen to the songs of the birds and waterfalls
They´re made for you & me, made for us to cheer up our minds
Listen to the songs of this world, and see...
There is always love to find...


There´s Always, love to find...

I can be Found

Written By: Lars-Ingar B. Andresen

I dont wanna see the light
Im stuck inside these walls of mine...
I dont wanna feel the light
Im stuck inside these walls

So where do I go from here?
How do I gain these steps to where
I can be found...

I dont wanna hear the sound
of the world outside these walls of mine...
And You could keep a hold of keys
to open up these doors of mine...

So where do I go from here?
How do I gain these steps to where
I can be found...


So where do I go from here?
How do I gain these steps to where
I can be found...


- "Looking back & Too good". (singles summer 2009)

- "A part of This Puzzle" (31st of August 2009, debut-album)

Set List

One hour set:

1. Looking Back
2. Off The Way
3. You, me & the Fireplace
4. Too Good
5. Rumours
6. Waiting
7. Mary
8. Finding This Peace
9. I can be found
10. Always Love To Find

Xtra. Why I do this
+ Little Bro´(akk)

Mr.Andresen also does smaller performances, either with one, two or three of his musicians. Suitable for any event.