Mr Banks

Mr Banks

 Lithonia, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Mr Banks' music is carved from intelligence and delivered with passion. One listen will endear the ears of a listener. Music with a message and at the same time moving your feet. three words sum up Mr Banks' music. Big Brain Game!!


Mr Banks' grew up in Lithonia, Georgia, a suburb east of Atlanta. He was always into music and taken part in music from his the early stages of his childhood. As soon as he was able to participate, he joined the band adn flourished within that musical setting. Hip-Hop has always fascinated him and ryhming has always come natural to Mr Banks. After Highschool he found the group T.W.I.S.T.E.D.D. and released two projects under the name (Welcome to the Movement and The Bridges). The group exprience a moderate amount of underground success, but disbanded with life taken the members is different directions. With responsibility calling him Mr Banks left music alone and focused on settling his life into what is GENERALLY seen as normalcy. Unhappy, Mr Banks turned back to his first love and riding a bike has never been so easy!!!! LISTEN!!!!!


Johnny Appleseed is Dead (New Mixtape coming soon!!!)