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"Mr. Bear: 'Rubber Duckies'", January 12, 2009 - Jack Bishop, the 20 year-old mastermind behind the moniker Mr. Bear, kicked off his musical career playing the trombone in the sixth grade. But with some seventeen instruments credited to him for the re-release of his album These Machines, Bishop has come a long way since his days as a middle school band kid in Little Rock, Ark. The trombone led to the piano, the banjo, and the guitar, and soon any and every instrument Bishop's friends or family members gave him, until the orchestration for These Machines reached critical mass.

Bishop masterfully weaves together fanciful yarns, playful sound effects, and delightful melodies to create an intriguing form of musical story telling. It's creative, colorful, and, at times, even shocking. After initially writing a batch of instrumental pieces, Mr. Bear began to add lyrics. One of the first songs, "How Tasty (Are The White)," is a tale about the desperation and guilt associated with cannibalism. The LP also features fun topics like rubber duckies and Big Foot, for good measure.

Bishop currently attends Columbia where he reports he is already at work on his next album. - Rachel Kowal, NPR's Second Stage

"Mr. Bear: Underground and Undiscovered"

The article was written for the Tropolitan, a Troy University College newspaper in Troy, Alabama. The article can be found in pdf form at this link: - Nathan Morris, A&E CoEditor - The Tropolitan

"12 Songs you Didn't Hear in 2007, But Should Have At No Fault of Your Own"

”On Brokeback Mountain, When I Let My Moustache Grow” – Mr. Bear
“On Brokeback Mountain, When I Let My Moustache Grow” won’t rock you, but if you leave uncharmed, I’ll eat your socks. Jack Bishop, Arkansas’ new pop revisionist, retools the “Brokeback Mountain” love theme, explores the tedium of love life on the range, and ends up with a love song anyone’s token bigot uncle can get behind. Mr. Bear (often accompanied by his sister, Ms. Cat, nee Taylor Galloway) will probably even play this song for you live by request during his casually amazing “Sufjan Stevens by-way-of Beat Happening by-way-of middle school talent show” performances if you ask nicely. - JT Tarpley, Localist


'Mr. Bear Music' - 2006
'These Machines' - 2009

EPs and Singles:
'How Tasty Single'
'Mistletoe, Friend or Foe?' Christmas EP



Grabbing the attention of the listener is the main prerogative of Mr. bear(Jack Bishop). Lyrics that you can connect to instantly with little investigation. Mr. Bear does not want to teach, he wants to touch. To move those listeners who have trouble growing beards or dream about a mysterious life other than our own. Folky, Pop-y, floppy. Numerous instruments are thrown around and changed somewhat chaotically, but the outcome is organized and thoughtfully composed. A treat for those looking to be entertained for a lifetime.