New York City, New York, USA

Born and raised in seattle, washington music has always tugged at the heart of Billy D. r&b mixed with hiphop and funk, his influences range from Marvin Gaye, to Prince, George Clinton


Born and raised in Seattle WA , music has always tugged at the heart of Billy D. His father was in one of the biggest and most popular funk bands in Seattle in the mid to late 80's called Prodigy. Growing up, and at the urging of his mother, he was involved in music in all facets of his life, from playing in the various school bands, to playing drums and piano as well as singing in the church choir. He attended the historic Garfield High School, which boasts famous alumni such as musical icons Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix as well as martial arts and film icon Bruce Lee. His influences range from the late great Marvin Gaye, and Barry White, to Prince, and even some of today’s artists. If you like great R&B keep your eye on BillyD


So Sexy 2010
Upward Motion EP 2012