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Clean vocal, good harmonies, good gain vocals, hard hitting drums with the Sonar S class sound. Heavy crunch of guitars, and deep sound on bass with Ampeg. The band has sounds like: Sevendust, Metallica, Pantera,


Mr.Blackwell was formed in 1994 from Warren Gary, Micheal Moore, Bill Jackson, Marc Anthony, and Bill Barbour. The band got the name from one of their influences KISS. KISS has a song "Mr.Blackwell" from the Album Music for the Elder. After producing their first album, the band had radio play and even charted 42 on the Gavin Rock Chart. Along the years the band has changed members,but still have two founding members Mike,and Bill Jackson in the band. The band has shared the stage in many clubs, theatres, arenas, and amphitheatres with national acts such asE Queensrÿche, Andrew W.K.,Silver Tide, Life of Agony, ADEMA, Machine Head, Sex, Love, and Money, Dope, Fear Factory, Souls at Zero (former members of Wrathchild America), Saigon Kick, Dokken, Stuck Mojo, Corrosion of Conformity, Clutch, Powerman 5000, Fireball Ministry, Limp Bizkit, and many more. Mr. Blackwell has played to crowds of 11,000 people with Queensrÿche on their “Hear in the Now Frontier” tour. Mr.Blackwell’s music is a “in your face” combination of heavy rhythms, southern blend, catchy hooks, precise harmonies and vocal melodies that will burn into your mind like a bad memory. Mr.Blackwell’s style ranges from each and every kind of music and musician the band has toured with and learned from. Take all you get, turn it upside down and twist it inside out and you’ll get Mr.Blackwell. It’s easy to see why the melodies catch you and draw you in. The music and lyrics are meaningful and delivered with conviction and intense energy accompanied by pounding bass lines and drum work that fits each song like a fitted glove. The dueling guitars bring everything together into a harmonious assembly that will leave you wanting to listen over and over again. This is a band that has proven they can take stage with any national and hold their own thus creating the reputation they have earned and gained!


Albums: Mr Blackwell, Burn, Soulman, Tribe