Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown

 Austin, Texas, USA

Mr Brown is a reggae artist; pop music writer and producer; player of guitar, bass, dobro, steel, vocals, and piano with many album credits. He sometimes runs bands, but currently is seeking publishing opprtunities.


It's a long story, and it'll be told eventually, but please listen to music.


They're Dancing

Written By: Kris Brown

Willow leaves, shaking in the spring
Movement so nice, I've got to sing
Planets and moons, hanging out in
All that they do, is dig the sun and shake
Schools of fish, swimming deep in the sea
Moving together, in harmony
Flocks of birds, flying so high above
Moving together, expressing love

'Cause all these things in our environment have a common cause
They know not how to disobey our master's laws
If you view the laws of physics through a stronger lens
You'd see that there's no such thing as a body at rest.

They're Dancing
Mountains and the Oceans
They're Dancing
Sand in a storm
They're Dancing
Beautiful people
They're Dancing
It's all electrons can do.

Ancient ruins, falling to the ground
They can't sit still, got to move around
Boiling Pot, bubbles on the rise
Moving so frantic, dancing towards the sky
Hurricane, violent wind and rain
Thrashing up beaches, it's a dance the same
Continents, drifting apart
It's a slow song, but it's from the heart

[repeat prechorus]

They're Dancing
Electrons and atoms
They're Dancing
Coal in a mine
They're Dancing
Man made machines
The monkey with the divine


Invisible to You (CD, 2010)
Boderation (CD, 2007)
Not Study War (7", 2006)
One Life Sentence (CD, 2002)
Mango Lassi (CD, 2000)