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"The Movement"

Mr. Burns has been polishing up his practice since the ripe age of thirteen- and he definitely hasn't lost steam. With a new album on the way, and a thirst to break into the U.S. with a more fun, more engaging urban sound. Enjoy our interview with Brent, a.k.a Mr Burns.

How did you first get involved with music. Was it something thatyou were always interested in pursuing?

I first got involved in music in school singing in choirs and doing plays, I not real sure if I ever thought about pursuing music at a young age, I just have always loved it and feeling that it gives me. It is something that I just needed in my life so I as I got older I thought why not try to do it for a living.

Please let us know what audiences can expect from your upcoming album.

On this album I am trying to have some more fun with my music. The other two had a lot of deeper records on it and that helped me get though those times. I will still have my deeper tracks on this album but I am in a better place in my life so the music is more upbeat

If you had to describe your sound to someone who has never heardit, what would you say?I always like to use the line "Funked out Madness" but I would have to say always changing. I try to bring a new sound on every record but still keep that classic rap feel with a little New School twist.

Where does your songwriting inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from many things. Mostly it comes from day to day life and things I see going on around me. I try not to dwell in the past but some of my songs come from "the good old days". Also a lot of the tracks come from anger and frustration with certain things, and the songs help me express that.

Are any of your songs inspired by an interesting story that you'dbe willing to share?

Sure, my song Northside Ride. That song was inspired by someone in the U.S. The company was interested in signing me to there roster but the way they wanted to market me is that I was coming out of New York. Now that being said there were other issues due to money and other stuff and in the end this person had put me in a really bad place emotionally. So the song was meant to show that person that I love being Canadian and my music will always reflect that.

Do you think that there is a big enough market for urban music in Canada?

I think that there is, and it is getting bigger every year witch is really nice to see. I think the bigger problem is that major companies don't like to take a chance with urban acts and if they do they don't seem to put in enough marketing money.

What about the Canadian indie scene in general? Good or not-so-goodplace to be?

I think the indie scene is a double edge sword. On one hand you really have to hussle your music to get it out there. It is almost like you are working two or three jobs at once, most nights I am up till midnight or later working the business end of this or trying to finish up a new track. But on the other hand being in the indie scene is really good because you can make the music you want and not the music that people are telling you to make. And when the pay out comes it is better too, when you do all the work you make all the money and don't have 30 different people taking a cut.

What do you like best about making music?

It makes me feel free and it gives you a god like feeling. For the three or four minutes the track is on, you are the one that everyone is focused on, and when you are on stage, the feeling that you get for being able to control a crowd is something that you can not explain.

Any news/upcoming events we should know about?

I just joined a group in the Bronx called Heistclick. You can check them out at, they are really cool and have a nice rock/rap vibe. Big to the Faceman, Count Banks, Cutta, Petro, Dirty D, and Killah B. The Heistclick album and the Mr. Burns album will be out this year. Also Dj Duss Diss and I are trying to set up a monthly jam at the Vaughan Iceplex in Toronto. You can check the events on the website for the upcoming dates and I am just trying to get in to more venues around the country.

Where would people go to purchase and/or listen to your music?

My music is for sale at, you can also check me out on Myspace at or you can join the Mr. Burns Fan Club on Facebook. -

"Hip hop artist returns to roots for new video"

Hip hop artist returns to roots for new video. Independent hip hop artist, Brent Burns - aka Mr. Burns - returns to his roots to shoot the video for his latest single, Chip on Your Shoulder. Everyone is invited to join in the fun at the York Tavern on Saturday from 7 to 10 p.m. Special to This Week The streets of New York City are a far cry from the halls of I.E. Weldon Secondary School, but hip hop artist Brent Burns has found a way to merge the two.
On Saturday, Nov. 28, the former Lindsay-area resident - who now calls Toronto home - will be shooting a video for his new single, Chip on Your Shoulder; one of the tracks on his upcoming CD Who I Be.
Mr. Burns - which also happens to his professional name - looks forward to taking advantage of the lively niteclub style atmosphere of the York Tavern and invites everyone to stop by the establishment from 7 to 10 p.m. to help with the vibe.
“I wanted to bring a video back to this town because this is where it all started,” said Mr. Burns who hopes everyone will come out and have a great time helping him celebrate his success.
Having been involved in various school productions and choirs, Mr. Burns initially tackled music as a “release”.
“I was pretty angry at the time. It was a way to express some of that pent-up aggression,” said Mr. Burns who began to take it even more seriously about seven years ago.
His music has evolved even more so in more recent years.
“I started out with a more gangsta style, hard hitting and aggressive, but now I’ve moved into more of a storytelling style,” he explained.
What has helped him move his music in different directions has been the development of the recording studio in the home he shares with his wife Sarah-Jayne Hale - also an I.E. Weldon graduate - who has worked on several of his videos, including the upcoming one in Lindsay.
“It’s convenient and, even though it cost a lot of money to set up, it’s going to save us in the long-run,” said Mr. Burns of the studio. “It also gives you a certain amount of freedom and flexibility. I think you can be a little more creative when it’s all your own. . . That’s one of the big benefits of being an independent artist too.”
Being an independent artist also has its drawbacks, though.
“It can be hard to find people who are willing to help you because you’re not established with a label,” said Mr. Burns. “But the social networking sites (like Facebook and MySpace) have been great for helping get the word out.”
when it comes to writing, Mr. Burns takes care of his lyrics, fining inspiration in the world around him.
“I take from life. I take from what I see day to day. It’s like I’m writing a mini-book filled with all these different characters and experiences,” he said of his songs. “Lately, I’ve been trying to make it more simplistic; catchy.”
One example is Chip on Your Shoulder, which focuses on the importance of going with the flow and trying to make life fun; seeing as many sides to an experience as possible.
One example, he quipped, involved a trip to New York City. The couple had decided to take the bus down and, on the way back, the driver ended up in an altercation with another bus driver at the border.
“It was pretty wild,” laughed Mr. Burns, adding that, for the most part, the trip was “a lot of fun.”
Having performed in New York, Philadelphia and around the GTA, Mr. Burns looks forward to giving folks in his hometown a taste of his music too.
He’s also looking forward to setting up his own company, Music B4 Money Records, through which he hopes to help fellow independent artists.
Mr. Burns’ new CD will be released electronically next month with a traditional release shortly afterwards.
For more on Mr. Burns visit his website at or via
- Kawartha Lakes This Week


2004-Mr. Burns Ep

2006-Release the Sound Lp

2008- Follow My Dreams Ep,

2009-HeistClick-Invincible Lp

2010- Who I Be Lp

2011-Welcome To Burns Blvd Lp

2011-HeistClick-Unleashed Vol 1 Lp



Hard on the grind, Mr. Burns has been working as an underground preforming artist in the Canadian music scene for years. Even at a young age he has been developing his craft from school performances to writing daily. At the age of 13, Mr. Burns began writing lyrics and mastering his skills & 'till this day has not stopped. From early shows with the likes of Dope Poets Society, G-Stokes and Nine Planets Hip-Hop & recording a song with Fredlocks Asher, Mr. Burns has learned what it takes to make it in the industry.

He has enjoyed much success in the recent years, such as being nominated for a Ontario Independent Music Award and winning Best Hip-Hop at the Barrie New Music Awards. Within the last few years he did a song with two legends in the in the game Ice T and Kool Moe Dee, and he joined the Bronx based rap group Heistclick. In 2009 they released the group album Invincible. Also this year he started his own record label called Music B4 Money Records.

From Philadelphia, Pa. to Brockville, Ont. Mr.Burns has been tearing up the stage non-stop. He has been getting phenomenal reviews on both sides of the border. Things are now on the rise for the Canadian native. On May 3rd 2011 he will be releasing his 5th album titled "Welcome To Burns Blvd. In addition, HeistClick will soon be releasing their next album Unleashed Volume 1.

Mr. Burns and HeistClick have invaded the United States and Canada with a different, yet familiar feel to Hip-Hop. With a steady flow, true story lyrics & a drive that makes NASCAR look like a steam engine, the spotlight is on & the world is his stage....