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"Mr. Citizen"

Your love

I hear a bit of Muse in there. I'm not necessarily a big fan of this genre of music, but THIS song does sound good. I wish the vocal was a bit higher in the mix. Is that a guitar solo in there or a key solo? Haha. Sounds wicked! haha. Really wild on the effects. Trippy stuff.

In Him

First reaction was that the drum parts sound like 'I Walk Beside You' by Dream Theater! :D:) This band definitely has a Muse style to their sound. The vocals sound bloody great though. The lead singer has a great voice. \m/


Hehe. This is a fun tune. Brought a huge smile on my face as it started off. :) Favorite tune, hands down. :)

It's OK

This is a more straight ahead tune. Dare I say the most radio friendliest.


Dredg was my first impression. Really nice beginning of the tune. Like it. Definitely a Dredg meets Muse vibe on this one. Great production though and great sound on all of these tunes.

Goodbye was my favorite and Break second favorite. Great stuff all in all. Good luck with future undertakings! - Romanian Forum Runner


mr. citizen will release their first EP, "...And So We Begin" in late Spring of '09 with tracks including Your Love, In Him, Goodbye, It's OK, and Break. The lead off single will be 'Goodbye'.

The EP was produced, engineered and mixed by PFR's Mark Nash.



"...And So We Begin" is not only mr. citizen's debut EP, but it also marks the band's first step towards changing the face of Christian music. In a genre packed with trendy worship and punk influenced bands, mr. citizen has set out on a mission to bring rock music and the experience of a rock show back to Christian music.

Frontman Loren V. Burrell says, "It's not that we dislike what's in Christian music already, we just think that the days of a true rock experience have gotten lost and we actually feel a call and a charge to bring that back. Any other bands who have tried to do that seem to cross over to mainstream, and in doing so have lost their message to some degree."

mr. citizen comes with a desire to not only change the world with the message they bring, but to also connect with their audience about day to day life. Loren says, "Again, something that has happened in the Christian music industry is the lyrics have become very quarantined and there isn't a lot of discussion about real life and real issues that Christians and non-Christians go through everyday. We try to write about everything that we go through so people can connect with that and see that Christ cares about ALL of these situations and issues. Not just what goes on in church."

Pushing them forward to their goal of ressurecting rock and roll is music that is influenced by Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revoler, Foo Fighters, Muse, Mute Math and more recently Sigur Ros. All of these elements come together to create a sound that stands out in the Christian music industry as unique, fresh and creative. But at the end of the day, it's all about what the song says according to Loren. "All the loud guitars, weird effects, catchy rhythms, high vocals, soaring harmonies and fast riffs are nothing if they don't meet in the middle with the lyrics to tell the story of the song. The lyrics and the music go hand in hand to give the listener a total experience on what this particular song is about. It gives them more ways than one to connect with what the song is about and what it could and will mean to them."

When "...And So We Begin" is unleashed on the masses in late Spring of '09, the quest to change the face of Christian music will begin. The day of the citizen will have come and leading that charge will be Loren V. Burrell on lead vocals and lead guitar, Matt Duncan on Bass, Reece Carter on Drums and Scott Dugan on Keyboards. When the change comes.... only one question will remain to be answered....

Are you a citizen?

Philippians 3:20