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Mr. David

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David Alexandrou, a.k.a. Mr. David, creates original, rock'n music for kids and their families. He has been called everything from "the Bob Dylan of children's music" to a "subterranean-homesick-Springsteen, in an Octopus's Garden with Brian Wilson vibrations."


Mr. David has never been one to give up easily. In fact, his friends and family would say that he’s just about the most stubborn (in a good way) person they’ve ever met. When he sets his mind to doing something, nothing short of achieving it will stop him. It’s probably the one characteristic that was most influential in bringing Mr. David to children’s music. “In my early twenties, I found myself in job after job, feeling really unhappy because I wasn’t doing what I love,” he says. “I knew I couldn’t go on like that, so I started thinking about what I could do that would allow me to play music every day. Then someone asked me to play a gig for some kids at a local school, and the rest is history.”

From his modest beginnings, Mr. David has worked steadily for more than four years to build a loyal fan base among the discerning 2–8 set. His enthusiasm and energy in performance, ability to connect with the kids and salt–of–the–earth style that brings a bluesy, rock–influenced sound to children’s music is fast making him a favorite among kids and parents alike.

Born and raised in San Jose, Calif., Mr. David is the youngest of four children who grew up with the rich cultural traditions of their father’s Mediterranean heritage. His parents encouraged spirituality, creativity, passion and individuality in the household, introducing their children at a very young age to the music and culture of many different people from around the world. Some of Mr. David’s earliest memories are of guests being welcomed into their home from countries like Greece, Norway, India, Denmark, the U.K., France, Russia and the Sudan, bringing with them stories of their homeland and ways. This early exposure to so many different cultures now plays a great influence on Mr. David’s music.

For or as long as he can remember, Mr. David has been performing. From the childhood home movies he would make with his best friend to Hollywood, where he worked in national commercials and as an extra on television shows like “Nash Bridges,” and films such as “Sweet November,” “The Wedding Planner,” “Bedazzled,” “The Princess Diaries” and more, Mr. David has always felt most at home in front of an audience.

He first picked up a guitar at the age of fourteen—it was mother’s 1965 Karl Hauser that had been sitting in her closet for years. He’s been playing ever since, experimenting with different music genres and styles and studying many of the great songwriters of this century. A near obsessive devotee of The Beatles, Mr. David’s influences run the gamut from Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly, touching on Paul Simon, Roy Orbison and The Rolling Stones in between. His appreciation for blues–influenced rock’n roll, with simple, classic melodies and guitar rifts, comes out in much of his own music. And, his childhood exposure to the many different sounds of the world plays a significant role in his original compositions, where he often interweaves a variety of instruments together, like Mediterranean–inspired mandolin rhythms and African drum beats with classical guitar rifts and rock–influenced base lines. He’s willing to use any instrument, from the piano to the conga drum to the harmonica, wash board and everything in between to create unexpected, exciting sounds that get children enthusiastic about singing and moving to music.

Mr. David has developed a music enrichment program that he takes to preschools, elementary and middle schools in the Bay Area. The program is aimed at getting children excited about hearing and experiencing music.

“I’m an entertainer, in the truest sense of the word,” he points out. “I’m interested in telling a story, and I’ll use every means I have–my voice, instrument, body, mind, whatever–to deliver a song and get the kids involved. This isn’t an easy job. I’ve had so many moments of doubt and frustration, but once I get in front of the kids to perform, everything seems to fall into place, and it just feel right. So, I just keep telling myself ‘do what you love, and the rest will come.’”


Hey! It's Lunchtime! Single (2007)

Frosty the Snowman Single (2006)

Winchester Festival Single (2006)

The Great Adventures of Mr. David (2006)

Mr. David's First Album: Songs with Music and Movement for Kids (2004)

XMKids Radio: I'm a Fish (2006)--top 5 most requested songs, Come to the Plaza (2006), Backyard (2006), Dream Away; Sail Away (2006)

Set List

Typical performance time: 45 min.

Jump in the Jumpy House
Hey! It’s Lunchtime!
The Stars Are Grains of Sugar
Reach Up
I’m a Fish
Crocodiles Are Hungry
Come to the Plaza
Rock ‘n Roll (Lizards)
Mother Goose Medley
There’s a Grizzly Bear Behind You, RUN!
Surf’s Up All Around the World
Little Girl