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The best kept secret in music


"Spend New Year's Eve with Mr. Deagun Jones"
Spend New Year's Eve with Mr. Deagun Jones
By Karen Lynn Zolo
Posted: Dec. 28, 2006

"You are in for a powerful, well-plotted and (well-)rehearsed show," said singer Adam Tremel about Mr. Deagun Jones' New Year's Eve show at The Stone.

Mr. Deagun Jones is a four-piece band from Milwaukee. Members are Tremel on vocals, Dave Hundseder on drums, Josh "Bonez" Cass on vocals and guitar, and Matt "Crack" Danbeck on bass.
Mr. Deagun Jones is (from left): Dave, Josh, Adam, and Matt.

Their music is a spread of alternative blues with layers of funk, jazz and rock. Mr. Deagun Jones gives a face to sorrow and suffering while encouraging the audience to see themselves through the music with the use of inventive and creative guitar melodies.

The lyrics are all original, and overcoming rough times is a common theme.

"Our music is based on real life and gives people something to relate to, and then they can say 'hey, I got it bad, too,'" Cass said.

Hundseder is versatile; he plays clean, acoustic sounds and then switches over to an electric guitar rock sound to intensify the feeling or mood of a song.

Cass and Tremel's expressive and soulful vocals are reminiscent of old blues veterans who have been around many more years than Cass and Tremel have been alive.

Mr. Deagun Jones has only been playing together for a year but already has developed a loyal fan base in Milwaukee. Tremel said he is most proud of family-like connections the band has forged with its audience.

"The fan following is like a gang, meaning it's close-knit family that shares the love of the blues," Tremel said. "They all have similar stories of hard luck."

The guys of Mr. Deagun Jones are supportive and have a true camaraderie.

"There are no egos; we are all down to earth," Danbeck said.

And within their familial structure, each has a role to play.

"Adam is the creative one and has a way with words," Cass said. "Dave is the glue that holds the band together; he adds calm to the process. And Matt is the mediator of the group and also the glue. He gives us edge."

This foursome doesn't crave the fame and royal treatments that follow high-profile artists.

"It would be nice to be rich and famous, but mostly I would like the respect from musicians and fans," Hundseder said.

Future goals for Mr. Deagun Jones include recording more songs and producing a CD.
On Stage

WHAT: Throw on a worn pair of jeans, pull up a bar stool and ring in the new year with a local band.

WHO: Mr. Deagun Jones

ONLINE: - BayviewNOW/ by Karen Lynn Zolo


Currently recording album. We have a sample 3 songs from the disk available. The name of the album will be...Lie, Cheat, and Steal.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Our band is the result of a long time friendship between Bonez, Adam, and Dave. We all grew up in Milwaukee, just on different sides of the tracks is all. Over the years we started acquiring a taste for music and started playing a myriad of things to broaden our horizons. After being in and out of several bands, not feeling the magic we sought, We lost our seemingly irreplaceable bassist, Dave went off to college and Bonez and Adam were left with little hope. In that very moment, they strived forward deciding to play together doing only the most universal music there is, the blues. So with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica, we played open mic jams, etc, and started getting immersed in the truly wonderful crowd of people the blues surrounded us with. Eventually leading us to our new found haven, The Stepping Stone, an open mic jam the likes of which we hoped for all along. The people in and out of there were truly diverse and open minded as well as the staff and regulars. One night the bartender suggested we start a band again, we explained our dilemma and he suggested a very long time friend of his, Matt Danbeck, to play bass for us and that he would be a perfect addition. Skeptical we agreed to meet with him. In just moments he impressed and it was official... we needed to get a band together. We informed Dave in college of what was going on during his absence, and a very excited Dave hurried home. Ever since it's been a complete joy to work together and our music finally had that magic we wanted. With the support of our friends, family, and fans, we quickly understood we could'nt let this faulter. So broke, working long hours to scratch nickles together, seemed a little less painful for our cause. And in those long hours of having little to show for it, we understood we were not alone, and in that even the lower class people around us gave us the little that they had because we had just as little. Its in that we found our common theme and ground. We play music because we love it, and it loves us back....after's fake.
Our influences include a wide variety of genre's such as...Stevie Ray Vaughn, Incubus, Led Zepplin, Joe Bonammasa, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Audioslave, Joe Satriani, Pantera, B.B. King, Mike Ness, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, etc. But our music is influnced by more than just other artists but fueled by ideas, our lifestyles, and our heroes. But most of all...we try to capture the magic in an otherwise mudane situation and breathe life into it.