Mr. Deep Positivity
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Mr. Deep Positivity

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | INDIE

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Children's Music


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"Breaking through with rap that works"

James McBride aka Mister Deep Positivity was working a very tough room...But McBride has worked tough rooms before....McBride raps. He doesn’t do the ugly, vicious, hateful stuff. That turns him off. He raps to reach kids who are often far, far away. It has a language they understand, the beat they move to a good part of their lives....he takes a drink of water and performs his songs. They are about dealing with drugs and peer pressure and bullies- all the things that are a part of that crazy mix of influences that kids have to deal with...”It’s positive rap that counteracts the negative rap”, says Sinesi, the executive director of Big Brothers of Rhode Island

- The Providence Journal

"Getting bullying under wraps"

Music with a message: James McBride, a rapper and a volunteer with Big Brothers of Rhode Island, leads a group of children at the Silver Lake Community Center, in Providence, in a rap song about confronting bullies...the group learned through a hip-hop beat that they do not have to put up with such abuse...”Don’t you bully me” McBride rapped, reciting a self-penned tune to the beat of a taped musical arrangement. - The Providence Journal

"Letters of Recommendation"

Mr. McBride has had a huge success working with our staff and students and showing them an exciting way to make the world a safer place...He has the unique gift of being able to connect with the challenging audience in an urban junior high school. - Susan Pfeil-Principal of Jenks Junior High

"Letters of Recommendation"

I have come away quite impressed with the audiences interaction with him during his performances...Each song has a positive message on a wide variety of topics such as fire safety, internet safety, child abuse, respect, etc...His songs provide positive guidance on a variety of topics...the audience is drawn into the song and the songs messages...Mr. McBride is indeed a beacon of light for them to emulate. - Captain Brian Kreizinger Prov. Fire Dept.

"Letters of Recommendation"

Our students were engaged and excited about receiving such important messages through rap...It is important for students to hear from citizens like Mr. McBride so they can acknowledge all the wonderful opportunities they could achieve by being positive...He is truly a member of the community all students can look up to. - Gina Picard Assistant Principal Lilian Feinstein Sc.

"Letters of Recommendation"

The students and staff are striving to make Mary Fogerty a nonviolent school. To help achieve this goal Mr. Deep Positivity teaches Deep Lessons for Life via positive lyrics and rap music...The students became so engaged they began to write their own positive songs...All the students would benefit greatly by receiving MDP’s “Lessons for Life” CD. - Susan Chin Principal

"Letters of Recommendation"

Your performance at our school reinforced all we are trying to instill in our students: be good to yourself and the people around you everyday...The students truly enjoyed your music. - Marisa Eisner Assistant Principal Davisville Middle School

"Letters of Recommendation"

Your positive messages of self-worth hit home with the students...A few days after the performance, students could still be heard singing messages of positivity...It is refreshing to see a true role model who is determined to make a positive impact on all he touches. - Julie Latessa-Veazie St. School


MDP’s 1st hit CD titled, Deep Lessons for Life, was released in 2004 and has songs for all ages. It features 24 heart pumping tracks full of positive wisdom that were inspired by the Big Brothers of RI, parents, teachers and students. This popular CD stresses the importance of making wise choices like avoiding drugs and juvenile delinquency. His most requested songs are Don’t You Bully Me, Peer Pressure, Stay in School, Don’t Do Drugs and You are Somebody. This CD was sponsored twice (In 2004 & 2007) and given out free to over 1700 inner city youth in Providence, RI because of it’s powerful messages and positive effect on youth.
MDP’s 2nd hit CD titled, Children’s Lessons for Life, was released in 2008 and features 23 fun, educational tracks intended for younger listeners ages 2 and up. The CD is intended to reach children at an early age and lead them down successful paths in life. Several schools in NE have purchased this CD to use in the classroom because it is an excellent teaching tool. The most popular songs on this album are The Alphabet Song, Practice Math, How to Read, Rules for Kids and the most requested song in concerts is Copy Me which gets everyone up and dancing with MDP.
Safety Lessons for Life and Nonviolence Lessons for Life were also released in 2008 to complete his Lesson for Life CD Series. With a focus on safety and injury prevention Safety Lessons for Life features 23 researched educational songs. MDP partnered with the RI State Police and Providence Fire Department to instruct youth with his Internet Safety and Fire Safety Songs. Nonviolence Lessons for Life features 25 hot tracks written for more mature listeners ages 12 and up and is based on the Dr. King’s principles and steps of nonviolent conflict resolution with peace, love and unity as the goal. Every youth should have his Lessons for Life CD Series. Go to to hear song samples and visit his website at



Exciting news! MDP won first prize in the USDA's My Plate Fruits and Veggies Video Challenge in 2011!
Mr. Deep Positivity (MDP), James McBride spent 7,665 days in one of the most dangerous Housing Projects of Providence RI. He witnessed drive by shootings, drug dealing, gang violence and even lost 2 cousins to violence. His mission is to use the lessons he learned on the streets and combine them with his unique rhyming styles to
influence youth to be safe, smart and follow their dreams.
Known as the positive rap educator MDP is a teacher on the MIC who is a cross between Will Smith and Hip Hop Harry. His catchy lines and cool beats have youth singing in the hallways of their school and remembering the important messages he shares. MDP is a seasoned veteran who has been rapping for over 15 years. He has written and recorded over 500 positive, powerful songs and released a fun educational series of 6 Lessons for Life CDs. These deep CDs contain researched lessons that speak to youth in a language they relate to and teach them invaluable wisdom all parents want their children to learn. MDP has also written and recorded the new team song for Pawtucket Red Sox, farm team of Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox.
MDP has been on a continuous tour for over 8 years. His career took off when he went to volunteer to become a Big Brother in 2002. In his interview with the executive director of BBRI, Val Sinesi, MDP was asked to write a song for Big Brothers. He wrote, recorded and returned the song he titled, The Big Brother Song, the next day and they loved it. He was asked to perform the song at a press conference with Congressmen Patrick Kennedy and has been on tour with BBRI ever since performing at many of their annual events. Since the release of his first album titled, Deep Lessons for Life, in 2004 MDP has donated 33% of the CDs proceeds to Big Brothers of RI to support their tremendous program.
MDP is a positive role model and has a proven track record of success. His new TV show titled, Deep Lessons for Life was awarded a PEG Award for Best Children's Program of 2011. He has received 6 citations for excellence in mentoring from the Governor of RI, was named Big Brother of the Year in 2003 and received a community service award in 2002. He is also a Nonviolence Instructor, a Nonviolent Verses Instructor and continues to be a Big Brother to this day.
MDP has combined his powerful positive songs with his skills as a Nonviolence instructor and created a Deep Lessons for Life 12 week curriculum. It combines the wisdom of his powerful songs with games and professional instruction to lead youth down successful paths in life and away from juvenile delinquency and truancy. His is truly making a difference in the lives of thousands of youth.