Mr. Dodd/The Grizzy Committee
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Mr. Dodd/The Grizzy Committee

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove/The Grizzy Committee
And What (&?) Records

Albums / Mixtapes

1. 2004: 'Seven'

2. 2005: 'Grizzy Bodyz Life Trackz Vol. I' Compilation Album

3. 2006: 'Sum Bidness 2 Get' Mixtape

4. 2006: 'Mo Bidness 2 Get' Mixtape

**Coming Soon: The Rab and Smoove Album, 'Da Gansta and Da Gogeta'**

2006 Videography

2006: 'Bid In' - the first single off the upcoming Rab and Smoove Album, 'Da Gangsta and Da Gogeta', was shot in Las Vegas by local producer, Andrei Mignea of Dre5 Productions ( in February 2006. The full length video features Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove, Rab Deuce , and The Grizzy Committee. As a bonus, live performance footage of G-Smoove and Rab Deuce spittin' 'Hatin' My Grizzy' is included on this video DVD.

2005/2006 Live Performances

The Icehouse – Las Vegas, NV
The Escape Lounge – Las Vegas, NV
The Cooler Lounge – Las Vegas, NV
Sweet Georgia Brown’s Restaurant – Las Vegas, NV
Club 702 (formerly Club SRO) – Las Vegas, NV
The Aruba Lounge - Las Vegas, NV
Club Pleasures - Las Vegas, NV
Take 1 Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV**

**currently perform LIVE every Thursday and Sunday nights


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove/And What (&?) Records Biography

Born and raised between Pasadena, CA and Las Vegas, NV, Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove fell in love with hip-hop at an early age. Growing up, Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove grew up listening to everything from the Parliament Funkadelics to Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album. Already a music fan, rap caught and held his attention in grade school as he watched Ed Luva and Dr. Dre of Yo! MTV Raps feature legendary artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and Rakim and Fat Lip Chris, the first host of Rap City, feature artists such as Das Effects, NWA, and the 2 Live Crew. Exposure to these different styles and sounds of rap music encouraged him and other youth in his neighborhood to try free stylin’ and beat boxin’.
In the summer of ’96, Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove moved from Pasadena, CA to Arizona where he attended high school. In early January of ’97, during semester break of his senior year, Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove was shot twice at close range, while visiting in Pasadena, CA. But even after that near death experience, Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove continued to maintain close ties to his family in Pasadena, CA and in the late 90’s his relatives and friends formed the now up and coming label, Blaq Sky Ent. Writing and recording with Blaq Sky gave him the opportunity to hone his skills and explore his talents as rap artist – making the kind of music that directly related to their lives and their struggles. Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove moved to Las Vegas to further pursue his music and by 2000 while grinding and networking, establishing his name on the underground scene, he had the opportunity to meet other musicians from across the country that were also dedicated to writing, producing and performing ‘real life music’ – telling the tales of their lives over tight beats and blazin’ hooks.
Keepin’ his ear to the streets thru his relationships with these artists, his Blaq Sky family and his own personal experiences in the music business, he discovered that being a talented, independent rap artist made it difficult to get the recognition you deserved if you weren’t signed to a major label so in late 2003, Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove established And What (&?) Records. And in April 2004, as President and CEO of And What (&?) Records, Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove released his debut solo album, Seven. Seven chronicles his life journey from California to Arizona to Las Vegas and generated underground hits such as ”Mission Complete”, “I C.A.N.” (CA, AZ, NV) and the much requested, radio ready “Check 4 Me”. Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove’s reputation for being dedicated to the grind, writing, and producing good music started a local underground buzz. The hip-hop community’s positive reaction to the release of Seven plus hot performances at local venues such as The Escape Lounge, Sweet Georgia Brown’s, The Ice House, Club 702 (formerly Club SRO), Club Pleasures, and, currently on Thursday and Sunday nights at Take 1 Nightclub. Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove further promotes his music by distributing promotional CD’s, T-shirts, posters and stickers showcasing And (&?) What Records - his hot new independent music label. While the buzz around Seven was still fresh in the air, Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove, along with a few hungry, talented, local artists, formed The Grizzy Committee and released the compilation album, Grizzy Bodyz: Life Tracks Vol. I in August 2005.

What is a grizzy body? The definition of a grizzy body is: a go-geta, bizzy, grindin’ theaz streetz fo shizzy…ya dig me”?

The G.C. is comprised of a group of self-motivated, independent, tri-state musicians, producers, and artists that are dedicated to giving you music that you can feel – truly spittin’ their script. Current members of The G.C., Master Producer Rab Deuce reppin’ Compton, CA and Knawtii of Kingston, Jamaica and Miami, FL blessed the Grizzy Bodyz compilation album with bangin' hits such as “And What” and “Get U Sum Bidness”. With both Seven and Grizzy Bodyz: Life Trackz Vol. I blowin' up the underground rap scene in Sin City, Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove decided to take this real life music movement national. In February 2006, And What (&?) Records went on an East Coast mini-promotional tour that included hotspots such as Miami, Baltimore, Philly, Atlantic City, and New York. And, immediately after returning to Vegas, shot the label's first music video/DVD (including behind the scenes footage from the video shoot) for 'Bid In' the first single off the upcoming album Da Gangsta (&?) Da Gogeta - the Rab and Smoove project with Andrei Mignea of Dre5 Productions ( Mr.Dodd aka G-Smoove has plans to release the Rab and Smoove album, Da Gansta &? Da Gogeta, the Sum Mo Bidness 2 Get Mixtape, the follow-up to Seven – the I Mean That I Mean Album, and Grizzy Bodyz Vol. 2 in the very near future. Also look forward to future projects with Blaq Sky Ent. and more local performances in the tristate area.
Alwayz on the grind in this rap game you c