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Mr D Tha Dynisty

Oakland, California, United States | INDIE

Oakland, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Soul


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"Guest Speaker/Performance at Mills College"

To start off, I want to thank all of you for your help. You were all amazing Guest Speakers for Education 480! The Art of HipHop and the difference between HipHop and Rap!
I really do appreciate your help and participation. You guys have never let me down and I really do appreciate all that you do for me. I also wanted to let you know that you were the perfect complement to my lecture! You really made me look good the way you came in and validated all of my points and opinions. The energy you put out was electrifying. You really amped up the class and got their blood flowing. Your lyrics are deep and mind provoking and always speak the truth. I think your albums do a good job in balancing fun dance and club music with songs that speak truth and provoke consciousness - if not change - in those who listen. I just located the new album on iTunes and as soon I can find what song you were singing I’m on it. (BTW I bought a couple of the old ones for the class...just trying to support.)

Students came up to me all throughout the week telling me how great you and your family were. It was good feeling for me...even though I did nothing but make a phone call. However, since I cannot rap, sing, or dance --I took the credit (lol). I look forward to working with you in the future:)

Lastly, is it possible to arrange for the CDs? I know that you are busy and am willing to work out with you any arrangements you need.

Though this was my first time meeting you, you have made a lasting impression. Your style, presence, and lyrics were very nice and appropriate for the class. I also want to thank you for explanation of the song(s) you started off with. It was deep, and as a sociologist, I really appreciated the aspect on 2/3 of the world being poor. Also, I appreciate the way you broke down how music sounds different depending on where you are from. It is an area we only briefly touched on in the course and they needed to hear and understand that. I look forward to hearing more of your music in the future.
T-Momma (I think I got your stage name right. Right?)
What can I say other than I am truly amazed and impressed by not only the amount, but the dynamic changes you have underwent in the last few years. I mean when I first met you, you were singing along with Rhianna’s Umbrella. But when I heard those wonderfully-beautiful words come out of your mouth in such a harmonious melody - that spoke rhythms of my soul - I was speechless. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice with us. Please keep me updated on any and all projects that you do. you got me....I am a fan for life.

Lil D
you said it yourself -- your “style is like Obama’s” I gotta respect it. Your like wine...only gets better with age. Ya Know! You have a way with words that others can only wish to someday have. Thank you for blessing us with your lyrical flow. It was a real treat to be able to actually hear, lyrically, how you have grown. It came as no surprise that you are doing real big things. Movies, and Music, and Concerts --Oh Boy! Talk about Getting it Real Big. Keep up the good work and please keep me posted on your progress.

I want to apologize to you for the delay in getting paid. With that being said, you are an amazing person. Much respect! I want to appreciate the time, patience, and willingness you have always had in working with me. Your voice is so comforting and reassuring that I never think twice about calling you - out the blue - to ask for your help in getting the crew to come out and help me. You have raised an amazing son - who in turn is raising amazing children. I want to let you know that some of us talked about the family aspect of Hip Hop the next week and how you, in my mind, are an important factor in helping to create the wonderful human beings that stood before us that day. The class agreed. You are like Super Mom! and it is agreed that if we are to be impressed by D, Lil D, Syenz, and T-momma - we have to be impressed by the woman behind it all. You!

Thanks again,
LaTasha! On Behalf of Mills College-Oakland
- Latasha Monique


Mind Creep - EP
Ma Carr - single
Puttin Paint Where it Aint - CD - on radio
The Game Dont Stop - CD - on radio OZCAT Radio 89.5 FM



If you've ever liked artists like DMX, Busta Rymes, Ludacris, Tupac, Kem Kemistry, Devin The Dude, Snoop, Gerald Lavert, Teddy Pendegrass, Barry White and many others. You will enjoy Mr D Tha Dynisty. All these Greats and many many others influenced Mr D as he came up with his very own style. His fans coined him as having “the unique voice of attention”. He is not only a rapper, but an entertainer thru rap/singing; songwriter, his songs carry a message in a creative/soulful way for all ages and cultures.

In recent years Mr D has performed hundreds of shows throughout the Bay, including Southern Cali, TX & Louisiana. In 2006 he released an album called “Mind Creep”, in 2007 he released a single called “Ma Carr” and was featured on a compilation with the Ying Yang Twins and others, in 2008 he released an album “Puttin Paint Where It Ain’t” and will be releasing a new album in January 2010, entitled Tha Game Don’t Stop”. His music has been and is being aired on various radio stations, OZCAT Radio 89.5FM radio a local Bay Area station, SJSU radio, KingT Radio Los Angeles, SIRUS Clear Channel and others.

He has produced videos to compliment songs on his albums and was involved in a video with E-40 “Poor Man’s Hydraulics”. He has opened a shows for other more well known artists, for example, San Quinn, DJ Quik and others. Performed at the West Coast Hip Hop Awards held in Portland in 2009 and other shows in Southern Cali the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, CA, Burbank, Orange Co, etc.

Mr D Tha Dynisty, the CEO of GIRB, Ent (Get It Real Big, Ent) founded in 2005. GIRB has evolved since 05 to include more than 20 artists doing R&B, Raggae, Soft Rock and Hip Hop. He helped his son, age 14 to launch his own label, BackPack Money Clique (BMC), under the GIRB label. Thus far BMC has 5 members ranging in age from 11 to 16. Mr D takes time out to teach other youth to become creative with the art of rap.

His latest endeavor is acting in a movie “Scrapper Boyz” as J Mills; produced by local producers Franklin Wright, Thomas Carter and Shalicia Carlisle. Filming began this summer.

But above all Mr D's greatest passion is to give back to the community, he recently joined forces with a few other Bay Area businesses to sponsor a second Coat Drive to help keep the less fortunate, community members, warm.? He performs at benefits as much as time allows.

Look for the Newly released CD, "The Game Dont Stop", at CD Baby, iTunes, and other sites, its hot!!!