BandHip HopPop

with seven years of perfecting our sound,lyrical content an studio methods us at hytymrs production are ready an willing to expand our gift an knowlegde to the industry of music an looks forward to a new span on our skills an music. we work well on all platroms an with new talent thanks an godbless


a pop an rock hip hop blend perfected.since 2000 we've developed a home studio where we layed tracks for fun copyed to tapes an got some great feed back an deside to take it serious. jeff(bently) plays live music since 8 years old.david(mr.exclusive)a keyboadist an artist with managment skills. we come together to grace the art of music. we ar NOT in this for money. the LOVE is strong for great sound.thanks an god bless

Set List

a library of song an more to come r&b,hip hop,pop,rock,pop rock,an more