Los Angeles, California, USA

Manu Chao pick's up 311 to then have lunch with Danger Mouse.


Mr. Fari say’s that his work is “like growing a little farm in a very urban city”. He feels it is simple, organic, minimalist yet concrete and streetsy. He is heavily influenced by old school reggae, which is in his lyrics and is something he says he picked up in Puerto Rico. His love for satire and irony comes from his upbringing in Kuwait and reading Sufi style poetry. When you listen to his music it will ring a bell and it will settle in your stomach but as you listen you will say where does this person come from? Even Mr. Fari can’t answer that but what he can answer is “ we come from a global digital era, where websites are countries and people are networking clouds in the sky of copy & paste”. Mr. Fari is defiantly trying to coin the phrase alternative reggae or urban alternative, but it might be to early in his career to start creating genres just yet. Part of his global idea is to work with people from different places so that he can get educated in cultures. On bass he has Schachar Boussani from Israel and his drummer is from El Salvador named David Daniel Diaz. His keyboard player is Hmong and his name is Ko yang. His Guitarist is Nicco Menechini from Italy and lead singer Amin Fari is from Puerto Rico and Kuwait. Mr. Fari says, “It sometimes feels like a UN meeting everybody thinks there oil is better to sell”. Mr. Fari is currently working on the first official album with producer Damien Anthony (prd. Jessica Hoops) which hopefully will be releasing in winter of 2010.

Set List

45 minutes of original music so far.