Mr. Faz

Mr. Faz

 Cardano al Campo, Lombardy, ITA

Instrumental Progressive Rock from Italy. All songs are written and recorded by the versatile polistrumentist Mr. Faz.


Every career has a beginning. After the dissolution of his first Hard Rock band Mad Max, while he was learning the basics of home recording, Mr. Faz – italian bass player, polistrumentist and songwriter – played and recorded his first solo album 'Crazy Tunes' in his home made studio. In his music you can find a lot of contaminations, due to the different types of music heard and loved: from distorted bass grooves to progressive odd rythms, from classic Hammond sounds to screaming Heavy Metal guitars, Mr. Faz's instrumental tracks are the expression of a true music lover.

After 'Crazy Tunes' (2009), and the single 'The 25th Hour' (2011) he is working on the debut album of his brand new band Opera Rock, a titanic project born to record concept-albums melding Hard Rock and Heavy Metal rythms with the talentuos voices of four different singers. In the meantime he is still performing with Targhe Alterne Band, a local Rock-Pop coverband known for the energy of its live performances.


- Crazy Tunes (2009): a full lenght album featuring the hit 'The Inner Man', plus ten others acclaimed instrumental songs.

- The 25th Hour (2011): instrumental prog-metal single, recorded, mixed and mastered in Mr.Faz's home studio.