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Mr. Freeman

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Born in north Memphis, Mr. Freeman lived in Orange Mound until the age of 9. Due to an uncle’s love of funk and R&B, and his mothers love of classical, jazz and opera he was exposed to a multitude of music early in life. Moving to Frayser (then a suburb of Memphis) at the age of 9, Mr. Freeman was introduced to rock music. He also started playing the piano. Being an only child, Free learned to play songs on the radio by ear to pass the time. Like many others, after hearing “rappers delight” and “The Breaks” Free instantly fell in love with hip hop. As a 7th grader Free started writing lyrics but, didn’t get serious about music until 1992. Mr. Freeman met an up and coming producer named Lasander Jones who recorded Free’s 1st song “I gotta get paid”. The song was shopped as a demo, but got no response. In 1993, Free teamed up with a group of producers and writers with the intention of evolving into a major player in the indie world. They signed a few artists to a production contract and started recording. They worked out of then well known, Free Toes studio, Kiva studios, Miles High studio and at Chelsea St. studio. During that time Mr. Freeman met various people in the music industry, like singer/song writer Archie Love, Brian Smith of the Barkays, Isaac Hayes, who took the time to school Free on the music business. Free also co-produced a single for “The Black Kennedy’s” and a few other local artist. The production team parted ways after about a year, due to creative and professional differences. In 1995, while working on a project with another producer, Free met “Percy T. Friends” then lead guitar player for soul singer Lynn White, who took a chance and gave Free a studio home to freely work with out the constraints of multiple inputs and interruptions. During that time Free decided to start his own label “Icon Entertainment” which was changed to 720 Entertainment in 98 after learning that there was a movie production company with a similar name. Free met and signed D-Lo in 98 and started a compilation project which was never released. After a 4 year hiatus, and relocating out of town, Free returned to Memphis in 2002 and started working on building 720 Entertainment into a major independent label. After 5 years of hard work the 1st album has been released. It’s a compilation produced entirely by Mr. Freeman, with 2 co-productions by rappers/writers/producers, “Bam” from Jackson, Tn. and “No Brain” from West Memphis, Ar. The CD has 17 songs featuring various artists from the Memphis and the mid-south area. It will be followed by 3 solo albums from 720 Entertainment artists, Big Lu, D-Lo and Big Drizzle starting in January of 2008. Free has sharpened his production skills working with a variety of genres including blues, soul, country, R&B and hip hop. And 720 Entertainment has acquired a roster of top notch artist with which Mr. Freeman produced and co-wrote one of the hottest albums of 2007.


Mr. Freeman Presents 720

Set List

1 set
5 minutes
~Don't Worry
(usually only performs on the songs: Death with Big Lu and the song Room 304 with D-Lo)