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0By: Lidia Vila

Mr. Furious, why so angry? Have you always been this way? Bad childhood?

-Actually, my name is in reference to Ben Stiller’s character in the movie Mystery Men. He’s a superhero with no “superpowers”. I think it’s hilarious. I had a great childhood. Sometimes, it seems like I’m still in it.

What sparked your interest in electronica? Why do you choose to have lyrics in your songs?

-I used to be a drum ‘n bass DJ, and I got sick of how formulated it was, so I started to get back into that resurgence of 80’s new wave. I am a big fan of New Order and Depeche Mode. I also like newer bands like the Faint and Solvent.

Did you hang out at Systems? What was your musical journey like to get to the point you’re at now?

-Systems? As in System Soundbar? I did hang out there way back in ‘98-’00. I saw all those heavyweight DJs at the time: Ed Rush, Grooverider. My parents plopped me in front of a piano when I was four, so it’s been a long, terrible journey! I got used to practicing. I played in crappy bands in high school.

In terms of DJing and producing, doing everything myself I could perfect and control exactly what I thought sounded good. I guess I’m a control freak. I admire bands that feed off each other’s energy when they perform live.

I see you’re friends with the Craft Economy. Have you thought of collaborating with them or a remix one of their songs?

-The Craft Economy is great. Maybe someday I’ll have the honour of jamming our creative minds! Maybe I’ll cover one of their songs!

Do you have any such project going on with other bands?

-Nothing really yet, I’m still so busy with my own stuff, but I’ve always wanted to cover Pulp’s “Babies”. I’m not a Pulp fan, but I really like the melodies in that song!

What do you think about the “everyone’s a DJ” phenomenon?

-It’s true, everyone can technically be a DJ, but it’s a rare skill to know what people want to hear and what to play to keep their spirits up.

Seems these days electronica acts are duos, why do you choose to stand as a lone wolf? Are you looking for a partner?

-Ha ha, you know what’s funny? One of my favourite graphic novels is Lone Wolf! Now everyone knows I’m a total nerd. No, I’m not looking to make it a duo, maybe when I perform, but I like to think that Mr. Furious is just Mr. Furious.

What’s next?

-Record more tunes, get my name out there, play more gigs around the city. “First we take Manhattan….” -


I have an ep available for free download. The EP cover art is in my photos section.
Furious EP
1. 1234
2. The Drunk
3. Turn and dive
4. Vampire Song

I also have a new track on, it's a reworking of a old track I made.



I am a classically trained musician, and I've been writing music since I was a teenager. I am a dj and a musician--I try to make catchy dance/pop songs that have a little bit of an edge. I'm heavily influenced by drum 'n bass, electronica, punk rock and metal--my music is a mix of all those genres. My lyrics are more about my experiences than just party shouting. I hope this brings a more timeless feel to my songs. I have performed with many Toronto musicians and djs, such as Human Kebab, Wizard of Rock, Sean Ward, Syntonic Deejays, Mr. Brown, Scott Free, to name a few.