Mr Furious

Mr Furious


Mr Furious loves to belt out guitar based rock bringing together many years of live performances and song writing. A blend of gritty guitar driven rock through to moody blues they are a blast from the past with a new flavour.


We are not new, but we are new to you.
We enjoy life and hate all that fat free, salt reduced and sugar free crap.
DO WHAT YOU WANT…..not what someone else wants you to do.
We say F*CK IT every now and then.
We love to lie to Telemarketers, don’t apologise for how we feel and use the complete word when texting on a phone.

We want you to GET FURIOUS!!

Influences include most Aussie bands -- The Angels, AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Mental As Anything, Hoodoo Gurus, SilverChair, Powderfinger etc, etc International Bands include -- Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, Sex Pistols, The Beatles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers... the list goes on and on....who are we not influenced by ?????


I Never

Written By: Andrew Mason and Frank Ceravolo

Train approaching Windsor station
3 more stops until I lose control
This day will turn to one of frustration
Sit and wait until it’s time to go

I never, no never, I never felt like this before
I never, no never, I never felt like this before

Time is passing oh so slowly
Watch the clock turning the other way
I couldn’t feel any more lowly
Feel the pain just like I did yesterday


Make me that life is hopeless, drown me in my hour of need
Every day just makes me cope less, now I’ve nothing left to bleed
Condemn me to a life of boredom, 45 hours a week
2700 minutes, don’t think I can turn the other cheek
I never felt like this before

Train approaching Windsor station
I can’t believe what’s going on in my head
Fortnightly pay check, man it’s not worth it
Turn around and go back home to bed


Mr Furious' debut album "GET FURIOUS" can be purchased online at Check out the Mr Furious website at for some samples. Mr Furious is currently working on thier second album due mid 2010.

Set List

Typically do 2 sets of around 40 minutes (10-12 songs) all original material but can be flexible depnding on show requirements.