Mr. G

Mr. G


True Rock N Roll has not been assasinated during the genre(s) revolution. Mr. G's gravel voiced melo-dramatic music is leading the way to another generation of rock n roll.


Mr. G was founded by acclaimed singer/songwriter, Christopher Grenda A.K.A. – Mr. G. For over 10 years this rock band has thrilled audiences across New Jersey and the Tri-State Area with a tremendous energy and proven ability to entertain audiences of all ages.
Melding the essence of American rock, Mr. G combines the very best of rock, and pop, while entertaining and captivating audiences with their sincerity and power.
Mr. G’s CD catalog includes their debut album “Salvation” which was released in 2000 and their 2nd release entitled “Emerge”. This album full of hard hitting mellow-dramatic rock has been met with great anticipation from fans and industry professionals.


Salvation (2000)

Set List

Mr. G is capable of playing various sets of all original music up to 80 Minutes.

An example of our 1 hour set (The parenthesis denotes who starts the song):

Set List
Fishnet (Chuck)
Passing Time (G)
Drift Away (G)
Kids in Memphis (Band)
Give (G)
Salvation (Band)
My Pain Inside (Chuck)
I Didn’t Ask You (Chuck)
In My Head (G)
Live My Life (G)
Battered Man (Chuck–Band Intro)
Constant Gift of Shame (G)
Dream (G)
Stuck In Yesterday (G)

Election Time (G)
Destiny (G)