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Gregory Peeples, aka Mr. GP or God’s Plan is a spirit-filled hip hop artist and minister of Jesus Christ.

In 2009, God gave Greg the name for a record company, “Kinfolk of Mine Records”. The Lord then gave him and his team the name of his album which is titled: “Kinfolk of Mine Records Presents... Mr. GP Ignite the City EP, coming out on April 13, 2013. The EP is a series of songs that are constructed and placed together by the spirit of God. This cd has been in the making for about three years. The message of the whole project is to set the city on fire for God. One way to stop a brush fire from burning out of control is to control the burning and set fire to all the dry brush and leaves up wind from the approaching fire. People describe hell as a fiery terrible place or you may hear talks about going to hell and burning in the eternal fire. So we have to be on fire for God so we can stop the tricks of the devil. We know that God destroyed the earth with water and he promised not to do that again so the second coming will be by fire. The songs on the EP provide fuel and Jesus Christ is the Light or the lighter.

God gave Greg a vision that reminded him of the book of Joshua. He said: “We were all marching around the city with huge walls of sin. You could hear the music play with an 808 kick dropping every other bar in the back ground. As the horn rose up, we shouted as loud as we could and the walls began to crumble. When the wall fell to the ground everyone in the city died to self and was born again through God thanks to His love and mercy. It was like that in every city we visited. As we left every one, you could see the city burning with a different color.” “This vision God has given me is to win souls and make disciples, get them planted in the church and teach them what it means to show everyone the love of Jesus Christ.”

The Chorus to the song "Lord Lead Me" on Mr. GP’s Ignite the City album describes a talk that he and the Lord had.

You can take my hand and walk before me,
Lead on to a place where everybody is free
Install the change inside me,
Rolling Rolling Rolling
With the Lord right beside me
Rolling Rolling Rolling
Tell the devil get behind me.

“This chorus displays a talk between me and the Lord. When all the doors were closed on me, I sat and cried and asked God to lead me and change my heart because I can't be the one to complain all the time. I have to stop playing the blame game. I want to stop pointing the finger to the world and cursing them for things I have done to myself. I want the Lord to lead me. He has been taking me to so many places around NC, SC, VA Small and hidden towns and I want Him to continue to do that for me and my family.”

Over Greg’s life, he had many ups and downs before fully submitting his life to Jesus Christ which has caused his appreciation and love for that grace to be so much greater. Born to a single mother, who at the time was at the very tender age of 16, Greg was raised in an environment void of any relationship with the Lord. Greg’s sister, was born 11 months later. Then in 1984, his mother married his step-father and his youngest sister was born. At a very young age of 13 years old, he was introduced to drugs, profane language, sex, and shop lifting. This lead into many run- ins with the law as the years went by and things continued getting worse. At age 18, Gregory served his first jail time in Carroll County, VA and his grandmother bailed him out, so he did not learn his lesson. From there, the next few years were spent in and out of jails in NC and TN.

The entire time, Greg could feel the Lord tugging on his heart everywhere that he would go and he would brush it off and continue on this path of destruction. His grandmother, Shirley Peeples, would constantly remind Greg that God was going to make a way for him. She would say “Let go and let God”. Greg loved his grandmother and would tell her so, but then go on with life the same way.

In the midst of all of this, Greg had learned to play the trombone and began developing a love for music. He had an appreciation for Classical, Funk, R&B, Jazz and even Rock. He was introduced to Hip Hop not long after this by a friend. He purchased his first Hip Hop tape at a store called Peaches Music down the street from his parents’ apartment. He put the tape in his walkman and found himself emulating the rap artist. By the age of 16, he had a huge love for rap music and was at this time, introduced to free-styling. A neighborhood friend encouraged and inspired him to start writing his own music.
Greg’s destructive path came to a halt in the spring of 2000 when he was in a horrible accident and landed in the hospital. Shortly after that, he was also robbed and beaten. His grandmother was there and said to him ““Boy you don't know how blessed you are! If that's what it’s going to take for you to change then baby I am for it." She included that she will not be around long so he ha