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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Mr Harvey on"

Hey Mr Harvey, thanks for your time. Tell our readers who Mr Harvey is?
I am Mr. Harvey, an aspiring artist reigning from Boston, Ma.

You hail from boston, home of baked beans, the tea party, the sox and the celtics, how do you fit into the overall hip hop landscape?
Lately I have been going hard, so people are really starting to get a feel for who I am and what I bring to the table. Lot’s of good feed back and invites. The hip hop scene on the other hand is as complex as the political game. This person has to like you in order for you to get a show here and that person has to like you in order for your music to get played there. It’s all gumbo if you ask me, but it is what it is. Before we move on let me clarify everything that I just said….I love my city! Boston in my blood, Bean till I die! I’m just not into the games, and I would feel that way in any city in the world.

You recently got nominated for 'Best Male Rapper' at the 2009 UMA's (which are basically the grammy's for indie artists), how do you feel being in that catagory and why should the hip hop heads vote for you?

I would have been happy to be nominated for any category, so to get nominated for Best Male Rapper really mans a great deal …that has a ring to it… Mr. Harvey the best male rapper, yeah I like that. But as far as people voting, man I do this music thing because I love it. I live it and for it. I have styles for days and am willing to cater to my fans. And not to toot my own horn but I’m better than 90 % of the globe… no disrespect to them but it just is what it is.

This is the 'On Da Come Up' and your definitely making yoir name known, what are some of the things your doing strategically to make an impact on the rap game and what will it take to help you get to that next level?

My strategy is simple…force feed the general public my product until their hooked and crave it. So I ‘m going to be knocking on doors, shaking hands, going to schools…whatever it takes to get everybody a sample. And that’s means a lot of sleepless nights and road trips. I’m up for the challenge.

The artist's performance is a very important part of their overall potential, what can you tell us about your stage show and what can people expect?
I go in. I’m beginning to think that performing might be my favorite. I like getting a room full of people that have never heard of me on the same page as I am by the end of my set. It’s a rush. So what people can expect to see while I’m on the stage is heart and determination in the flesh…D’Cipher!

Musically who are some of your influences?
Who made me want to do this music thing is my uncles. They were a rap group that came close to making it…2Unique AKA The 4 Horsemen. Other than them Jay-Z, Scarface, Dr. Dre, and a few others had me thinking about what it would be to be on top.

When creating does Mr Harvey have a formula?
Not really. The harder the beat the quicker the song will be written. So this goes out to all of you producers, if you think you have that heat please hit me up at

Whats next on the agenda?
I just plan on staying busy., doing more shows, and mastering my craft. I’m currently working on another mixtape and full length project. I’m trying to make it a classic.

Where can we find you online?,

Any last shouts or plugs?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I want to send a special shout out to my city BOSTON!!!! Someone’s destined to blow, let’s get it! I also want to send a shout out to every one that is making all of this possible, they know who they are. And last but not least I want to send a personal shout out to you the reader. I thank you for your time and hope you got some type of feel for who I am as a person…now you should go to my website and hear some of my music and see some footage…

Ya’ll be good now ya hear….D’Cipher! - Javier Sanabria

"Mr Harvey on"

Whats up Mr Harvey? Let the good people know who you are and what you do.

What’s up my good people. It’s your boy Mr. Harvey coming straight out of the capital of MA….BOSTON!!!! I’m an up and coming artist….rap primarily but also have the talent of penning all types of music…ranging from R&B to what I have been playing around with as of late country.

When did this rap thing get serious for you?

This rap game became the most serious for me when dollars were brought into the equation. And I’m not talking about the money an artist dreams of making from his talent…naw….i’m talking about the money one must put into his or her career in order to get their movement going. It takes money to make money……

We all have our favorites in the game, aside from everyones top 5, who did Mr Harvey get inspired from?

Scarface inspired me with his story telling, Snoops marketability kept me watching him. Groups like Lords of the Underground and M.O.P showed me what it meant to be in the game and stay hungry. And Devin the Dude allowed me to see how to make a song funny as well as complete….these dudes seem to never get the recognition they deserve so there you go. For you younger cats reading, if you haven’t heard of anyone on the list that I just named off, look them up and see what real hip-hop is.

Boston is known for it's Celtic, its Red Sox, the tea party, what are you doing as an emcee to make sure your included in the thing people remember about your great city?

I’m going to go as hard as possible to make it to the mainstream. That’s the only way to be remembered if you ask me. You have to be a name mentioned by the masses…not just your home city but every neighboring city, and state. So what I plan to do is keep killing these shows, making this music and plugging where ever need be. I want to be a success…..

You have been tearing down the showcase circuit for a minute now, you've been a regular on the 50 Mics series as well, whats the stage show like and what can those attending experience?

Man…as of late I have been going into a zone as soon as I hit the stage. People have been comparing me to Redman and Method man when I perform. With that being said you know it’s going to be high energy and a lot of interacting with the crowd. You’ll see the love and passion I have for this game.

Creatively, whats Mr Harvey's approach to making good music?

I have a couple of ways that I get into my flow. I sometimes ride around with the beat on repeat freestyling or just pulling up on random people asking them what kind of song they hear on it. If that doesn’t work I go to old reliable which is the “Golden Thrown” as my sister would call it….the bathroom. Over 70% of my songs were written in one.

Who are some of the producers involved with your project?

The project that I am currently working on is being tailored by the great sound of Lou Ballz and Nelly ProTools. They are incredible producers and have both hit me with some unique sounds. Another producer in whom I plan to have on the project is S1, a very very talented producer out of Texas. If I can get the budget right these will be the producers that will be the sound of Mr. Harvey. However I’m always looking for production so if you are a producer and you like my sound hit me up

You were recently nominated for 'Best Male Rapper' at the UMA's, how did it feel to know you made the cut and what is it about you that would garner this type of achievement?

It is a great honor to be nominated for the award. And to be one of the few out of the many that made the cut lets me know that I have it as well as the others nominated. It feels good. As far as the achievement I go hard. I can do what each and every other artist in the music game does and if giving a week or two, I can do it better than them. I’m creating my own lane while having the ability to drift into anybody else’s. I love it.

Whats next on the agenda?

I’m currently finishing up a mixtape and working on a complete project. I need both to be classics. Other than that I plan to keep killing these shows and creating a bigger buzz.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me at,, and on I also have interviews up in online exclusive section and also at Check it out and hit me with any and all feed back.

Any last words or shouts?

I want to send a special shout out to you the reader. I do this for YOU! And because of that I think you should do me a favor, can you PLEASE go to scroll down to the best male rapper category and vote for me….Mr. Harvey once everyday until Aug. 6th. Feel free to tell a friend to tell a friend to do the same, it would greatly be appreciated…. Thanks

- J Hatch

"Mr Harvey on"

Mr Harvey!! Who are you and what the f*ck do you do?

I am Mr. Harvey a.k.a Better Than Everybody You Ever F*cking Heard a.k.a He Who Needs A Fan Base. What I does is spit that hot fire. I am an artist reigning out of Boston, Ma. looking to make an impact on the music industry.

Why hip hop? And when did it take hold for you?

Well music was always in my soul. Hip hop is just the area of it that allows me to get my story out to the public that will best understand it. It took a hold of me when I finished college in ’05. I played around with it most of my life but knew that I had to be fully involved in it around that time. So I became a student of the many areas for about a year or so and realized that I had to either be a writer or performer….can’t choose so I’m a do both.

If there were 5 artists you could dissect and take peices from to describe who you are as an emcee, who would they be and why? (Example: Slick Rick because Im a story teller)

KRS-1, B.I.G, 2pac, Jay-Z and you can pick my fifth it’s either 50/ Lil Wayne/Kanye West. I would take KRS’ love for the art, B.I.G’s wittiness, Pac’s ability to make you feel his hunger, Jay’s charisma, and 50/Lil Wayne/Kanye’s patience and ability to take over when the time presented itself.

Congrats on the 'Best Male' rapper UMA nomination! How did you react when you heard and why do you think the title is fitting?

Good looking. Well when I first heard that I was nominated I was like about time Boston started acknowledging that I was doing my thing, then they told me it was in N.Y. I was shocked and honored at the same time. I couldn’t help but to feel somewhat good about everything that I have been doing with my career to get me to this point when I heard the news. As far as the title I feel like I can be the best at what ever category someone put me in, so to be considered as ‘The Best Male Rapper’ I feel like I belong there.

Define the Mr Harvey grind, let people know how you do.

Mr. Harvey’s grind is growing as I type. You see aside from this music thing I wear many different hats. I’m a father, a son, and a brother. Each to who fits relies on me to get us out of our current living environment. So with that being said who ever I make eye contact with gets the ear full “hey go to my website and let me know what you think. I’m about to sacrifice a little bit more so I can get in the studio more, but I can say when I do get it in I’m there until what ever we planned to get done is done. I have a new campaign that I working on at the moment also. It’s the “Looking For A Fan Base” campaign. So I will be hitting the ground running with that as soon as I get all of the materials needed. People are really starting to believe in me and I know why. Now it’s time to convince you.

Talk about Dcipher Ent, when did you start and what are your goals?

D’cipher Ent. is something that myself and a couple of others put together. We are an entertainment group with the hopes of becoming a full running record label, God willing. It was founded a few years ago and has really been taking form in the last year and a half. Right now the focus is on me as soon as we get the momentum going we will be looking for other artist to come in and take over.

Whats next on the plate?

What I plan to do next is go harder than I ever have in every area of my life. I will not accept defeat and am ready for all challenges/challengers. I have a couple of projects that I am currently working on. A mixtape titled ‘Looking For A Fan Base vol#1” and a complete project that hasn’t been named yet. Keep your eyes open for it.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on,, on

Shout your people out!

Hey I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I want to send a special shout out to all of you who have came across any of my work. Hope you enjoyed. Hit me up and follow me on - J hatch

"Mr Harvey on"

Whats good Mr Harvey? How is life treating you?
Life is good man. The music is potent I’m killing shows and I have a 4 month old son that looks just like me. What more can I ask for?

Congrats on the 'Best Male Rapper' nomination at the UMA's. I hear those are a pretty big deal. How do you feel about your competition and what can this do for you if you take it home?
You know I had to go and look them up. A couple of them are tough to be honest but I feel like I have a pretty good chance on winning. If I do so happen to pull it off I feel like this can be the start of something big. I’ve been going hard at this music thing for a while now and feel like I deserve anything I get. On the flip side of that I’m nearing the point of taking what I deserve.

Your a regular on the 50 Mics circuit, its actually where we met, how has that show helped your overall exposure level?
It has opened a few doors that led me and my team to meeting some high profile figures such as yourself. I also had the pleasure of meeting Bedtyme 357 when I won the 50 mics Boston edition who was put together by Supreme Entertainment and GBE (Marsha and co.) It led to me doing radio interviews which later led me to being invited to perform at other venues.

Youve been steady on your grind for a minute now, shows, mixtapes and more, what do you feel its gonna take to get you to that next level of noteriety?
I’m going to use a hands on approach with it. That’s my focus. I want to know what’s going on, why it’s going on and if it can lead to any funds. I need high profile shows and I have to find a way into the schools. I’m going to create music that the Dj’s and radio can’t deny. And I’m going to stay true to being me. If I can do that I should be good. I’m already at the bottom….

You are repping D'cipher Entertainment, is it your label, do you have any other artists or producers signed under the name?
It’s actually both an entertainment group and also a label. We are currently on the ground level and I am the main focus. But we work with artist from everywhere.

Musically, who are some of your influences?

My uncle Calvin (M.O.D), L Supreme, Jay Z, Scarface, Kool G Rap, R Kelly and a couple others.

What are you doing, strategically to stand out in todays saturated hip hop market?

I’ve been paying kids to walk around and ask people to say I ‘m speaking to everybody, church people, thugs, pimps, students etc… and asking them all to just check out my site and leave suggestions. I want to know what they want and when I get enough I’m going to whip up something for all of them.

Whats next on your agenda Mr Harvey?

I have some shows lined up. Can’t wait to take the stage. I’m also working on a mixtape, and a full length project. It’s going to be crazy.

Where can future fans find you online?
They can find me at, and at I also have a couple videos posted on and an interview in the source at in the online exclusive section. I’m open to any and all feed back…. Harv!
- Lex

"Mr Harvey on"

Hey Mr Harvey, For those new to the movement, give them some background.
What’s going on ya’ll. My name is Mr. Harvey. I’m an up and coming artist out of Boston, Ma. Looking to make an impact on the music industry in any area they allow me in. From being an artist, to song writing…producing whatever it may be…I WANT IN!

So you’re out of the bean, whats the current hip hop climate like out of your parts?
As of late I can honestly say it’s heating up. Artists are taking their crafts more seriously and teams are creating their own sounds. It gives me great pleasure to say Boston has its own sound.

Roxbury was real big back in the days with Ed Og, and you also have Termanology doing his thing, what do you bring to the table that can help rep your city better?
I like to pride myself on being versatile. I study the different styles of music: commercial, hard core, underground, east and west coast and that down south dirty dirty. I can adapt to any style and give you want you want. While doing so I’m screaming Boston…I don’t see a better way to help the rep of my city than to have people from different parts of the world hear it on a song that they can relate to.

Congrats on your recent UMA nomination for Best Male Rapper, how does it feel to be recognized and why do you feel your worthy of this award?
It’s a great honor to be acknowledged for anything these days. I know there are a lot of cats questioning my worthiness of the nomination alone…as too I would if the shoe was on the other foot. Knowing that, I am honored that the UMA committee even gave me a chance. As far as my worthiness and chance on winning the award…I’m nice. I spit from my heart. And as of late I’ve been writing for the masses. So watch out, my goal is to win this one and be nominated for 25-50% of the awards given by the UMA’S next year.

You have been a beast on the showcase circuit as of late, what can those in attendance expect to experience from seeing a Mr. Harvey performance?
In a 1-3 song set they’ll experience hunger. They’ll see a commander of the stage and hear strong catchy tunes. Anything over 3 songs I’m going to put on a play. I’ll make them feel like they came to the show with me. I love performing…

You have also recently interview for and I have a feeling we will be hearing about you shortly. What do you want people to really know and understand about Mr. Harvey as an artist?
I do this for all of you. I mean my ultimate goal is to buy a house off this music, and clean up my credit…ha ha. But while doing so I want to create as many house cleaning songs, club songs, heart felt songs, classics and HITS as possible. I’m looking for a fan base and taking all suggestions and feedback….hit me up at

What’s next on your plate?

Currently I’m working on another mixtape and a full length project. I can promise you that both are going to be well rounded and crazy.

Where can we find you online?

You can catch me directly at Also on or at I got videos posted up on Youtube and you can also check out the source interview online at it’s pretty good piece.

Any last plugs and shouts?
I want to send a special shout out to my family and friends, my fans, my hood, my city and to all of you. Thanks for any and all of your support. Harv!
- Cartel

"Mr Harvey on"

Whats the deal Mr Harvey? Let the readers know about your movement.

What’s goin on ya’ll, it’s your boy Mr. Harvey coming straight out of Boston, Ma. I’m an up and coming emcee/rapper dude that can do a little bit of everything. The name of the team is D’cipher Ent. And we are officially on the take over…….and if we ain’t taking over the whole thing you best believe that we will be taking our share.

Bostin is in the house!! What part of the bean are you from, and whats the hip hop scene like up there?

I’m from the heart of it all, Roxbury. The hip hop scene is heating up as far as the talent goes as of late. Dudes are more serious about their crafts and everyone is focused on being that dude.

Theres some dope emcees and crews from up there including Termanology and Akrobatiks, where does Mr Harvey fit in the scheme of things?

Mr. Harvey can easily be mentioned in the same breathe as any other. I’m witty, creative, hungry, ready to make it, and I love this music thing more than a lot of cats love their kids. I’m pushing for everybody that’s trying to make it from my city. But if there could only be one it would have to be me. I’m that dude.

Congrats on your recent nomination as 'Best Male Rapper' at the Uma's!! Heard those were a pretty big deal for indie artists, how did it feel to get nominated and why should people vote for you?

It was more of a surprise. My whole focus is writing, recording and performing. And I do those 3 things with my head down at a fast pace. So to look up and see that there could be a chance to win an award for what I love, it’s like I’m on my way. As far as people voting for me….listen people… I’m better than the rest of them/ line me up right next them/ hear him spit then hear me spit/ you’ll circle me put X on him/ I’m weird like henney mixed with gin/ geared at what is next to get/ vote for me you won’t regret and I’ll love you like my next to kin.

How do you define your own grind?

No lie I will be the first to tell you, I was slacking for a while. I just wanted to write, record, and perform like they used to do back in the day. But now in day with the way technology is, anyone trying to make it has to go in with a hand on approach, so that’s my whole focus. I am learning all that I can learn about marketing on line and trying to make it in this industry as it goes through it’s problems day by day.

Ok lets do this, finish the sentence...ok

If I could change one thing about the music industry it would be....that everyone would know my name…Mr. Harvey people

People dont realize that I'm......i’m the best ever!!!!!!

If you listen to my music.....and i mean really listen to my music, you’ll agree.

Ok back to you...right after I say this once again/ vote for me you won’t regret and I’ll love you like my next to kin.

Whats next on your plate?
I have a couple of projects that I’m currently working on. My mixtape is going to be titled ‘Looking For A Fan Base vol.1’ and also a full length project. I want it to be classical. So if any of you have any suggestions as to what you guys would want to hear hit me up at and let me know.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me at,,, on youtube and I currently have an article up in the Source magazines online edition. Check it out in the online exclusive section.

Shout your peeps out!
I want to send a shout out to all my peeps. And by peeps I mean anybody that believes in what I’m doing. My family, most of my friends, my team, my hood, my city, my state, and all of you. Remember to go vote. Once a day until it ends tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend….Harv!
- Big Chew


50 Mics (NYC, Boston), Boston Spotlight at Shubert Hall, iStandard NYC and Philly Producer Showcase, Get Your Buzz Up Showcase

Mixtape/Album Placements
The Worst of the Worst Mixtape
Monster Mash pt 3 – Dj Green Lantern
Bootleg My Shit, Cheddar Dvd Edition – Dj Ill Neil
Split Personality - Dead Serious, Belgium Artis
Sweets for the Streets – Ms. Aqurius
The Mixtape – HardHead Records
50 Mics Album (Nationally Distributed Date TBD)
Peace In The Streets Album (Coming Soon)

Press Placements
Skope Magazine – 08
50 Mic’s Interview- 08 09 July 09 July 09 July 09 TBP Aug 09 Aug 09 TBP

Audio/ Video Posts


Nominate for ‘Best Male Rapper’ 2009 UMA’s

Online Music Profiles



Welcome to a new era of truthfulness in Hip-Hop.
Hailing from Boston, Mr. Harvey stands by every
syllable he spits; committing to integrity while
embracing the power of the mic.

Mr. Harvey grew up in a musical environment. His
mother raised him on Soul and Gospel. He followed
suit as a vocalist; moving on to next generation: R&B,
New Jack Swing and eventually Hip-Hop. It’s clear by
his lyrical styling, content, and delivery that he never
lost the artfulness that emanates from his early
musical influences.

In his tenure as an MC, Mr. Harvey has enjoyed some
notable accomplishments. In addition to significant
success on Myspace, he has garnered airplay across
Boston. He’s drawn enough attention to his work that
he was chosen as one of a select handful of
competitors in the 50 Mics Competition and a
performance invitation for the annual IndiePalooza.
Mr. Harvey’s “Boston (Sports Remix)” was added
by top VIPs from the Boston Celtics (Mr. Harvey
recorded the remix when the team hit the Playoffs)
and Boston Red Sox, to their Myspace page play

Mr. Harvey’s raising his bar once more with the latest
release, The Worst of the Worst; filled with truthladen
vignettes, sharp wit, and gravity in storytelling.
The debut single, “Move On”, is a prominent single on
the PEACEBoston compilation album and tour
Peace in the Streets; a project giving voice to youth
and help quell violence, particularly among young

With Mr. Harvey what you see is what you get. No
false pretense. No exaggeration. No lies. On every
level, Mr. Harvey strives tirelessly to offer compelling
work set to nod-worthy beats and to be nothing less
than the best of the best.