Mr. Harvey

Mr. Harvey

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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Taking us back to the an era of lyricism that the music industry hasn't seen since Biggie and Jay-z... its Mr Harvey!


Welcome to a new era of truthfulness in Hip-Hop.
Hailing from Boston, Mr. Harvey stands by every
syllable he spits; committing to integrity while
embracing the power of the mic.

Mr. Harvey grew up in a musical environment. His
mother raised him on Soul and Gospel. He followed
suit as a vocalist; moving on to next generation: R&B,
New Jack Swing and eventually Hip-Hop. It’s clear by
his lyrical styling, content, and delivery that he never
lost the artfulness that emanates from his early
musical influences.

In his tenure as an MC, Mr. Harvey has enjoyed some
notable accomplishments. In addition to significant
success on Myspace, he has garnered airplay across
Boston. He’s drawn enough attention to his work that
he was chosen as one of a select handful of
competitors in the 50 Mics Competition and a
performance invitation for the annual IndiePalooza.
Mr. Harvey’s “Boston (Sports Remix)” was added
by top VIPs from the Boston Celtics (Mr. Harvey
recorded the remix when the team hit the Playoffs)
and Boston Red Sox, to their Myspace page play

Mr. Harvey’s raising his bar once more with the latest
release, The Worst of the Worst; filled with truthladen
vignettes, sharp wit, and gravity in storytelling.
The debut single, “Move On”, is a prominent single on
the PEACEBoston compilation album and tour
Peace in the Streets; a project giving voice to youth
and help quell violence, particularly among young

With Mr. Harvey what you see is what you get. No
false pretense. No exaggeration. No lies. On every
level, Mr. Harvey strives tirelessly to offer compelling
work set to nod-worthy beats and to be nothing less
than the best of the best.


50 Mics (NYC, Boston), Boston Spotlight at Shubert Hall, iStandard NYC and Philly Producer Showcase, Get Your Buzz Up Showcase

Mixtape/Album Placements
The Worst of the Worst Mixtape
Monster Mash pt 3 – Dj Green Lantern
Bootleg My Shit, Cheddar Dvd Edition – Dj Ill Neil
Split Personality - Dead Serious, Belgium Artis
Sweets for the Streets – Ms. Aqurius
The Mixtape – HardHead Records
50 Mics Album (Nationally Distributed Date TBD)
Peace In The Streets Album (Coming Soon)

Press Placements
Skope Magazine – 08
50 Mic’s Interview- 08 09 July 09 July 09 July 09 TBP Aug 09 Aug 09 TBP

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Nominate for ‘Best Male Rapper’ 2009 UMA’s

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Set List

2-3 songs (8-10 Mins)