New Delhi, NCT, IND

An Indian band in a global village. Where every member of the audience is a citizen of the world. No matter where he comes from, or what he speaks, he understands MRIGYA.
This is a story. ruled by fate
The Players.... with the old cliche,at the right place, at the right time.


Mrigya has blossomed into a fascinating contemporary group venturing to stretch the boundaries of music becoming the harbinger of a unique fusion band offering a rich blend of blues, funk, folk, latino, Indian Classical, and jazz. The objective of Mrigya is to expand in all directions and to play music without boundaries. It perhaps best represents the coming together of various strains of music.
One album old and numerous concerts across towns and cities in India to Europe, Africa, Australia and Russia, they've composed countless tunes while experimenting wildly with different genres and carrying on exploring the endless frontiers of their musicianship.
*Formed in 1999, Mrigya was the first Indian Band to win the Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Festival UK, in 2002, for the Best Music Act.

*The band has toured extensively, around the globe, winning accolades, representing India at various international festivals.

*Also the first Indian Band to be empanelled with the Indian Council Of Cultural Relations (ICCR)


Mrigya has done record with EMI Virgin Records Pvt Ltd India.
The album titled "The Composition of World Harmony" was released in february 2010. The album has done well in the Indian Market with a decent sale.
Songs like Ganga, Pahari Funk, Ali, Mitwa, Scottish Moors, Deccan Queen and Rock the Raag are very pupular among the Indian audience.