New Delhi, NCT, IND

World music band fusing Indian classical with jazz, rock, funk and ethnic flavors of sounds from all over the world.

The band has toured extensively around the globe winning accolades and representing India at various international festivals. Mrigya concerts range from global festivals to private gigs and massive public events.

The music of Mrigya carries the legacy of thousands of years of not only music but also the heritage of Indian culture.


They say you have to be
brave enough to set your self for the trip of your life to create and
tell your own story.
There are so many different ways to travel.
Mrigya's journey is the hunt for the ultimate expression, limitless
beauty and scales of fused exotic flavors of sounds. "Mrigya" invites
you for the ultimate hunt together to discover your own unheard exotic
Actually, that story has already turned into the legendary hunt.
Now just go ahead with it and see what magic places it will take you to
and how many unforgettable mysterious moments it will gift you.

Mrigya ( in Sanskrit "Mrigaya" means "The Hunt") -is one of the premier world / fusion music bands from Delhi, formed in 1999.

The band has blossomed into a fascinating contemporary world music band
venturing to stretch the boundaries of Indian classical music becoming
the harbinger of a unique fusion band offering a rich blend of Blues,
Funk, Folk, Latino, Indian Classical and Jazz.

The aim is to evolve, share and, promote contemporary Indian culture
through the music; In larger sense inspire, get inspired, educate and
the most importantly to carry on the legacy of Indian fusion music.

Ultimate highlights

  • The first Indian Band to win the Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh Festival UK for the Best Music Act.
  • The first Indian band to get a 5-star rating for the performance and act by "Scotsman" - leading news paper of Scotland.
  • The first Indian Band to be empaneled with the Indian Council Of Cultural Relations (ICCR). 
  • Tours and concerts has covered 5 out of 6 continents and leaving only Latin America to sum-up the map of the entire world.
Signature collaborations

  • Sting (Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) - English musician,
    singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, activist, actor and
    philanthropist, best known as the principal songwriter, lead singer and
    bassist for the rock band The Police.
  • AR Rahman - Indian
    composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, musician,
    multi-instrumentalist and philanthropist, described as the world's most
    prominent and prolific film composer as well as majority most important
    and recognized international music award winner. 
  • Peter Robert
    - English percussionist and recording artist known for recorded
    and/or performed shows with Bjrk, Afro Celt Sound System, Peter
    Gabriel, Robert Plant, The Verve, Amy Winehouse, Pet Shop Boys, Sinad
    O'Connor, Nitin Sawhney, Zakir Hussain.


  • Album "The Composition of World Harmony 2010" with slogan "It doesn't
    take nuclear science to realize world takes fusion."
  • Second album to be released in February 2014