Mr Jazz and Soulmatik

Mr Jazz and Soulmatik


R&B / Soul / Hip Hop – Contemporary Marvin Gaye meets The Roots! Renaissance soul at its finest. If Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass or Frankie Beverly & Maze were at their peak today – this is the album they would release.



One of the most radiant voices in soul music today Mr. Jazz is often described as a hybrid between Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye. Soul singer and musician Mr. Jazz was born in Compton California. Until now an undiscovered juxtaposition as he promises more comes out of the CPT than gangsta rap. Make no mistake as a free spirit his roots are a little bit of here – a little bit of there. When asked, where is he from he replies, “Some of everywhere.”

Mr. Jazz not only is an incredible vocalist and talented songwriter, but he has also mastered the bass, guitar and drums. Influenced by 70’s soul – it’s undeniable where his expressive sounds come from. Contrary to the vision for himself his first bout as a recording artist came as a member of MCA Records IV Xample, best know for their single "I'd Rather Be Alone". After the label went through changes including major corporate and roster cuts, the group disbanded. As he waited for what was to be his next move, solo artist on Aftermath Records Mr. Jazz found himself doing session work for Compton's most noted Producer Dr. Dre. Once again hit with a stumbling block Mr. Jazz decided to form his own band and put himself at the helm of his own destiny.

In 2003 he formed the band Soulmatik comprised of Los Angeles' best rhythm and soul musicians. Soulmatik consists of Demetrius “D” Martin (drums) son of legendary Johnny Martin of the original Mighty Clouds of Joy, Jonsamir “So Lo” Jackson (keys), Jason “J-Lime” Dees (keys and percussion), Freddy Mofett (keys), Eric Lewis (bass), Orbell Babbyan (guitar), Jeanine “Nina” Mc Coy, Felicia “FiFi” Baker and Sylvia “Sylver” Jackson on vocals. Both J-Lime and Freddy accompanied Destiny’s Child on their 2002 World Tour before joining Soulmatik.

Through the years of perfecting his skill Mr. Jazz has garnered the respect of Tony! Toni! Tone's! Raphael Saadiq; Portrait’s Phillip Johnson, Po’ Broke and Lonely/Aftermath’s Ruben “RC” Monge along with Mr. Jazz has co-written and contributed to the sounds of the album.

Combined with the gritty falsetto of Mr. Jazz's affectious vocals and relative lyrical style Mr. Jazz and Soulmatik has recorded a collection of instant classics. The self titled 15 track disc will remain a fixture in your system. Mr. Jazz is an authentic urban singer/songwriter and it shows in the honesty of his vocal delivery. He believes every word he sings and listeners will feel the Truth through their speakers. Mr. Jazz is the truth!

Native of the city of Lo-Lo's and '64's Mr. Jazz is known on the streets for his Fly and Impeccable customizing and restoring of classic cars. So not only is he gully enough to pimp your ride but his soulful sounds will keep you entranced.

Mr. Jazz and Soulmatik self titled CD now available on Aquilasoul Records/U-4-G


1. Intro
2. My Life
3. One of a Kind
4. The One
5. Can't Get Enough
6. November
7. Hard Times
8. Midtro
9. Heaven
10. What I've Been Missing
11. Really Lovin' You
12. Her Smile
13. N.i.t.u.
14. Melodik
15. The Prayer

Set List

Setlists vary depending on venue and time constraints. Generally we are available to play a full set 60+ minutes including tracks on our self titled debut album with a possible cover for good measure . All covers are changed as they are Mr Jazz's rendition of the hit.