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"First Ever Holy Hip Hop artist to be on the cover of Gospel Synergy Magazine"

GS: How many years have you been
singing and when did you start?
John: 8 yrs (secular) 7 months (gospel)
GS: What is your vision for your ministry?
John: To reach those souls who were
once thought of as unreachable.
GS: Who are your current members of
your band?
John: Mr. John Duncan
GS: Tell us about some of your ministry
highlights? (2-3)
John: One highlight is having my music
video, “Enough for Me”, World Premiere
on BET. Another highlight is seeing the
reaction of the people to my ministry.
When I perform, seeing the people singing
along and getting out of their seat to dance.
It’s a wonderful feeling.
GS: What project (s) are you currently
involved in?
John: I am currently promoting my new
album, “The Prodigal Son”, which is in
online stores now. Also, I am finishing up
a free gospel mix tape featuring myself and
starting to work on my second album.
GS: Is there one thing/event performance
that has had a major influence, or was a
life changing experience for your group
that you would like to share?
John: I always say that life has been my
biggest influence in my music. In the past
2 years I have gotten married and have
been blessed to father 2 beautiful boys.
My family it what motivates me to get
stronger in The Lord and be “The Rock”
that I am supposed to be.
GS: What artists have influenced you?
John: I really am not influenced by other
artist. However, I am motivated when I
hear artist like, Mary Mary, John P Kee,
Dave Hollister and Fred Hammond just to name a few. These type of artist make
me want to take it to the next level every
time I hear them. And my family!
GS: What are some of your future
John: I just want to give back to the
community. There are many people in this
world who need help in some specific
area of their life. I believe that if you gain
wealth, you should be a blessing to others.
GS: Which song from your current album
are you most proud of and why?
John: I am very proud of each and
everyone because each one is a reference
to my life story. If I had to pick one, I
would say “Enough for Me”, because of
the impact that it has already made.
GS: What message do you want listeners
to take away from this song?
John: No matter what situation you are
in, do not give up on God. If you truly put
your life in his hands and follow in his
word, he will be enough for you. I
“Enough 4 Me” Currently in rotation
on Synergy1Radio... Full will be
featured Sat. June 13 at 1pm
Join us for the CD Listening Party
1pm CST
Available online at
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For More Information visit - Andre Carter

"Music Video: Mr John Duncan "Enough For Me""

A brand new video from a guy who is making some serious moves for the kingdom! "Enough for Me" by Mr. John Duncan! Watch it now!

Also here are the comments from the viewers about the video

Comments (11)
written by Keith Scarlett, July 28, 2009

+0 amazin
written by zachary ugpo, July 28, 2009

this is one of the best songs i have heard in a while. the lyrics is amzing they stick true to gods word and god is enough for me. the beat is another thing. it really goes well with the song.
written by Chase Cullum, July 27, 2009

+0 one of the best.....
written by Marvis Irwin, July 27, 2009

There has been some great videos that has come out so far this year in the HHH community but I have to say this ranks at the top. The message is clear, its pure ministry!
+0 ...
written by Lamont, July 26, 2009

What's up Saints! This ya boy Mr John Duncan. I was just coming by to see how everyone felt about the video and I'm glad you enjoyed it! The message was from the heart and I truly hope this video reaches some unsaved souls and brings them closer to Christ. Much luv and know that Jesus LOVES YOU!!

+0 Niiiicccceee!
written by Moman1313, July 26, 2009

This is one of those anointed tracks that the holy spirits all over. Praise God for guys like this. Putting Christ first and in the limelight. I love it!
+1 Purely Good Stuff!
written by Cross-Eyed Robyn, July 25, 2009

It's been a long time since witnessing a video that just portrays a pure and selfless love for Christ. No cash, no power, no swag, no favor needed... just my Lord. And NO, I don't need fries with that.

Yes, My God is enough for me!! My portion.. in Him will I trust.

Love you Abba :-)
+0 Wow!
written by cj, July 24, 2009

Def. one of the best and most touching Music Vid.s I've EVER SEEN in HHH song is powerful too Good Job
+0 Fo Sho...
written by LaToya, July 24, 2009

Thanks Lamont!
+0 RE: LaToya
written by Lamont, July 24, 2009

I am glad you were touched by Mr John Duncan's music LaToya. You can find this song and more from Mr John Duncan on ITunes. God Bless!!

One Way to Go ENT
+0 I'm feelin it!
written by LaToya, July 24, 2009

I really love what this song is saying, especially what you say in the last verse and the images in the video dynamically back your lyrics up! I was blessed by it! To be honest the beat and delivery on it is new to my ears...I'm not used to it but the point is I was blessed by this joint! So where can I get the single?

Keep doin' it Fam you got my support!
God Bless


Album: The Podigal Son
Singles on Radio and Television: Enough For Me, I'm Good, Take It 2 the Streets, Listen to the Message, Rock & Roll



Long story short, Mr John Duncan is human. John Duncan is not a perfect man. For a long time he made music that was of the world. He knew that one day he would make music for the Lord. After nine years of composing poetry and music, it was his mother who urged him to step out on faith and try and compose a song for the Lord from his heart. In the past John, who recorded secular music under another name, made a religious song that was very inspirational, but dotted the line between Hip-Hop and Gospel. After a long conversation with his mother and thinking about the various prophecies of music over his life, John made the song "Enough 4 Me". This video was world premiered on BET's Video Gospel on May 3, 2009 and GMC's Hype and Glory on June 5, 2009. Already this song has touched others, and it is the beginning of a new form of hip-hop gospel. Some people may not like it because they may not understand, but John's music will reach those souls that were once thought of as unreachable. Mr John Duncan may be new to the Gospel genre, but he is no stranger to the music industry. He has over 5 musical albums under his belt, plus multiple artist features at,, and others sites as well. His first Gospel project, "The Prodigal Son", was released on April 14, 2009 and has already been a underground success. The Lord blesses each one of his children with a special talent, and for Mr John Duncan it's his music. Now, John believes it?s time to take his music to the next level and be a disciple for the Lord. Just listen and I guarantee you will feel the passion in his music.