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Mr John Duncan's music is a multi-tude of sounds that reach the heart and soul of the listener. It's clear and to the point with no sugar coating. The message is Christ and the goal is to reach unsaved souls. Point Blank Period.


Long story short, Mr John Duncan is human. John Duncan is not a perfect man. For a long time he made music that was of the world. He knew that one day he would make music for the Lord. After nine years of composing poetry and music, it was his mother who urged him to step out on faith and try and compose a song for the Lord from his heart. In the past John, who recorded secular music under another name, made a religious song that was very inspirational, but dotted the line between Hip-Hop and Gospel. After a long conversation with his mother and thinking about the various prophecies of music over his life, John made the song "Enough 4 Me". This video was world premiered on BET's Video Gospel on May 3, 2009 and GMC's Hype and Glory on June 5, 2009. Already this song has touched others, and it is the beginning of a new form of hip-hop gospel. Some people may not like it because they may not understand, but John's music will reach those souls that were once thought of as unreachable. Mr John Duncan may be new to the Gospel genre, but he is no stranger to the music industry. He has over 5 musical albums under his belt, plus multiple artist features at,, and others sites as well. His first Gospel project, "The Prodigal Son", was released on April 14, 2009 and has already been a underground success. The Lord blesses each one of his children with a special talent, and for Mr John Duncan it's his music. Now, John believes it?s time to take his music to the next level and be a disciple for the Lord. Just listen and I guarantee you will feel the passion in his music.


Enough For Me

Written By: Mr John Duncan

Enough For Me LYRICS

Chorus (repeat)
My Lord
Is enough for me
Is enough for me
Is enough for me

Verse 1
I prayed to the lord
And I asked for a sign
He's just like my shadow
He's there every time

The lord is my shepherd
So I am his sheep
I let down my guard
Imma let'em lead me

With him I can’t go wrong
I’m made in his mold
The world is the flesh
And the sprit is the soul

I understand my calling
So I don't ask why
The lord is my savior
So I never will deny

Faith can move mountains
The answers in the word
We all are king’s kids
I’m just tryna spread his word

He washed away my sins
But first I confessed
Now every step I take
I know that I'm blessed

My future looks brighter
My hands held higher
Thank you lord
For u I’m on fire

I don’t need nothing
If I got u
With the lord on my side
I will never lose

Verse 2
I used to be lost
Now I’m so found
I just show honor
When I kneel to the ground

Man I’m so thankful
Where would I be?
I once was blind
Now I see

20/20 vision
Cause I’m delivered
I cut out the bad
Like I had scissors

I’m ur disciple
Souls I will save
I owe u the world
Cause ur life u gave

The blood on the cross
The strips on ya back
There’s no way
I could ever pay u back

The Lord brings hope
And eternal life
Out of darkness
He will bring light

It’s a simple question
Heaven or hell
I tell it like it is
I aint tryna make a sell

If u need a answer
Research ur bible
I put god first
Throw away false idols

Verse 3
I found the truth
Cause the devils in a lie
Try and break me down
Yeah the devil do try

My faith is strong
Gods grace is mighty
Even as a kid
I got saved in the 90's

I still have trails
And I still get test
But I’m not alone
Cause the lord is help

I used to be shy
Thought religion wasn't cool
Now I know without it
I would be a fool

The more u believe
The more u achieve
Because I got him
That’s why I succeed

He opened up the window
He poured out a blessing
The answers in the Lord
No need for the guessing

U ask u receive
You trust and believe
The Lord answers prayers
He'll give u what u need

These are final words
Give the Lord a try
You just heard the song
So don’t ask why


Album: The Podigal Son
Singles on Radio and Television: Enough For Me, I'm Good, Take It 2 the Streets, Listen to the Message, Rock & Roll

Set List

Normal Perform 3 songs. Take up about a 20 to 30 Minute slot. Mr john Duncan performs Enough For Me, Hey Hey Hey, Praise Him, Take it 2 the Streets, Rock & Roll, I'm Good