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The best kept secret in music


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Boss Playa - 2006
Crystal Ball (EP) - 2005
Shertown Anthem - 2001
Dranked Out - 2000


Feeling a bit camera shy


Jerwayne Parker, aka Mr. Sweet, is from the small town of Sherman Texas. This 26 year old rapper / mixed martial arts fighter is on the verge of becoming the voice of the North Texas rap scene. With two official CD projects under his belt, and many other street releases, Mr. Sweet should not be viewed as a newcomer to this game.

Back in the 1989-90 timeframe Mr. Sweet, then with a group known as ‘Nu-Cru,’ began to record their first project. In ’92-93 the group changed their name to ‘903 Posse’ and the project was released to the streets. The high from an album release was short lived as the group was disbanded shortly thereafter. After taking a few years to do other things, Mr. Sweet hooked up with producer Damon Giles to begin recording a solo project. The two in turn hooked up with Chris Edwards, a producer that happened to have his own recording studio. After recording a few tracks, it was evident that the chemistry was there and Chris put a plan on the table to sign Mr. Sweet to his label, Blu-House Recordings. A new group, ‘903 Playas’ was formed and the foundation for bringing Sherman/Denison to forefront of the North Texas rap scene was laid.

Blu-House Recordings and the 903 Playas released two CDs. The first, ‘Dranked Out,’ was meant to be more of a solo project featuring Mr. Sweet’s verbal talents, but circumstances (as seen from the CD cover) caused that concept to move to the side. This gave birth to the second album, ‘Shertown Anthem,’ and an all out group collaboration. After the second Blu-House release Mr. Sweet and the 903 Playas left Blu-House Recordings and embarked on another journey. “After releasing 2 CDs for Chris Edwards label…Blu-House Recordings…we left the label and added a couple of more artists and dropped a couple of local underground CDs. But between 2002-03, the group split again” says Mr. Sweet. “I am now back with Chris at Blu-House and we are ready to make some noise with my first official solo project.”

“Mr. Sweet – Tha Boss Playa – My Life” is the title for the album. “I describe my style as ‘Player!’” states Mr. Sweet. “I write & rap about my lifestyle as a hustla and a playa. Please don’t get it twisted, I’m not a gangster nor am I a killer. I’m a Playa all ‘bout girls and money’!” This solo project has s10 tracks suited for bumping in the parks and all night adrenaline rushes in the clubs. This project has been a long time coming and the area is highly anticipating its’ release. It features other artists that are on the Blu-House roster, but Mr. Sweet brings the bulk of the heat!

The foundation has been laid and now a grand structure is being built. Mr. Sweet is the name, and he is poised to become one that no one in the rap business will ever forget! Dig that!