Mr. Knick Knack!

Mr. Knick Knack!

 Reston, Virginia, USA

Mr. Knick Knack! wears no gimmicks and offers a foundational, no pandering, participatory musical show for children. He has been "Rated DC’s Favorite Children’s Entertainer" DC BABY: A Handbook for Parenting In (& Around) the Capitol City, by Sarah Masterson and is loved by families in the DC area.


Mr. Knick Knack! ™, a.k.a. Steve Rossi, was born and raised in Northern Virginia. A typical rock 'n roll-loving teenager, he taught himself guitar and piano at age 16 and the music has never stopped. But the music was only the beginning.

Steve has always been enthralled with the power of the human heart. Having worked with kids from 1 to 92 at various houses of worship, education and Assisted Living, he began to use his music to teach children of all ages the supreme power we all have over fear. Steve saw that disadvantaged children in particular had not received the message of the power of their little hearts, and set out to spread the word through his music.

Mr. Knick Knack! ™ has been playing his heart-centered music for over a decade, to the growing delight of thousands of Knick Knack Kids. Steve is named "Favorite Children's Entertainer" by DC Baby - A Handbook for Parenting In (& Around) the Capitol City. He has been twice featured in The Washington Post's Weekend section. Mr. Knick Knack! ™ is the regular featured children's entertainer Tysons Corner Center in McLean, Virginia, one of America's premier shopping malls and is the regular featured entertainer at Reston Town Center (Reston, VA) and Market Common Clarendon (Arlington, VA).