Mr. Kyle

Mr. Kyle


Rock... some hard rock, some pop rock, some classic sounding rock.. but definitely All Original Rock. With influences ranging from metal bands to more eclectic alternative, we combine the best qualities of all genres of rock into one solid form of entertainment that will have you raise your glass.


Kyle Daley was born on the east coast in Charleston, SC... Adam "Squirrel" Altiero was born on the West Coast in Los Angeles, CA.... but they both needed random twists of fates to end up in Youngstown, OH where they could meet Denny London.

Having a very musical upbringing throughout childhood, high school, and college, Kyle never really managed to get any guitar lessons. Teaching himself how to play at the age of 10, he convinced his neighbor to get a drum set and another friend to acquire a bass. Feeling the sting of teenage angst, he found an outlet in Metallica. Throughout high school, Kyle played cover songs with various people at talent shows, jam houses, and even during study halls. Even after achieving the John Phillip Sousa award for excellence in instrumental music, and the National School Choral Award for excellence in vocal music, Kyle was only happy when singing and playing his guitar for an audience.

The act turned solo when Kyle went off to college. Instead of going to class, he would sit outside the entrance of his dormitory and play music for the various passersby. In 2005, a bar/restaurant named University Pizzeria, or U-Pie opened right next to campus. He went to the grand opening and was told that they were going to be doing a weekly open mic night. Kyle brought down his guitar and a slew of friends from the dorm and played that first open mic night. He spiced up the act once again getting friends to play bass, sing back-up vocals, and play drums while the popularity of his solo playing grew immensely; to the point where he was asked in 2007 to run the open mic and was personally invited to perform at Penn State University. Kyle was now spending much more time perfecting his art and now writing his own music, rather than concentrating on graduating college.

The new songs called for a three piece band with electric guitar, bass, and drums. Kyle quickly started formulating a group. The band would be known as "Mr. Kyle" and would need the best musicians in Youngstown to bring his vision into reality... and when it came to percussion, there was only one man who could hit the skins to his liking.

Adam Altiero was born to be a rock star. Born in Los Angeles, raised in Pittsburgh, and growing up in Youngstown, Adam has always been either a witness or an active member in the local music scene. When Adam was a child, his father traded an office chair to acquire his first drum set. With hardcore influences abound, Adam took to the set like a dog to a fire hydrant. Adam met Kyle at an Open Mic Night, un-invitedly stepping in to accompany him on the drums, and the rest is history in the making.

Presently, Mr. Kyle's bass player graveyard has no vacancy. After laying the last bass player to rest, it was time to concentrate on getting a quality musician who was just as awesome on stage as he was off. Adam and Kyle didn't even need to discuss there options. There was only one man that could fit the bill.

Already a successful singer/songwriter in the greater Youngstown area, Denny London has pledged his unrivaled talent to bringing the low end to "Mr. Kyle." Incorporating his excellent singing skills and unmatched dexterity on bass to the mix, this latest edition has in turn made the ensemble better than ever. With crystal clear harmonies and heart pounding bass lines, Denny brings that little extra that keeps the crowd thirsting for more.

Mr. Kyle has played various venues in the greater Youngstown area with a wide array of groups from all over the country. Recording a 5-Track EP in May 2009, Mr. Kyle hopes to use this demo to further their careers in music all the way to the top. Nothing can stop them. Nothing can break them. They'll buy you a beer, get drunk with you, and then wake up the next day and write a song about it. They are Mr. Kyle.


Live At Salty's '08 EP, Audrey Hepburn, Soapbox, Denial, Blame, Re-do, My Surrender.... all streaming on Valley24 Radio.

Set List

Soapbox, Denial, Re-do, Blame, "With a little Help From My Friends- The Beatles", Time, Running Away, "Creep -Radiohead", My Surrender, "Mary Jane's Last Dance- Tom Petty", Audrey Hepburn, Distance.