My music is soul music, its a mixture of reggae,hiphop,r&b and soul. It versatility with flavor.some songs are spiritually inclined and others are about life. Alot of them are about love, and respect to our women. All the genres mentioned are full of soul. And thats what brings it together.


Mr.Lee*G comes from given name Leroy Griffith jr. I started singing in the church(SDA) in Trinidad the land of my birth. At age ten migrated to Brooklyn, with dreams of becoming a star. I later enrolled in Julia richmans(talent unlimited) performing arts high school.
Were i studied musical theatre.
I love music. My influences are Steve wonder, Bob Marley, The Isles and shabba ranks to name a few.
I have worked with Mark (mk) Kinchen, commissioner Gordon,Masta Ace, Ghislain Poirier, Lukas Kaiser,Congoman crew and Fingas to name a few.
My music is a mixture of Hiphop, R&B and Reggae. I call it versatility with flavor. I rhyme and sing on songs. I have three albums in my catalogue," They wanna know..the mix CD, Real recognize real and MAMA the Album.
On June 2nd 2008 I went to do a show in Trinidad, and after the show got shot 3 times. Whiles recovering I wrote and recorded a new album called,"Standing" schedule to release march 3rd 2009.
7 months after the incident.
This will be my reggae project which is mostly produced by congoman crew.
I will have a dance project also releasing in the summer 2009, and thats produced by Lukas Kaiser.
Its called,"Mind yuh bizness". For more info. visit, or


The first is,"the healing of the nation" and "Believe" on Ethiopian taste records. 2nd is on," the Disposable arts "LP with rapper Masta ace, songs are"Everyotherday and Enuff" and "a long hot summer" sond Good ol love.
3rd is,"Dem nah like me"with Ghislain Poirier. On the shockout label and Ninja tunes label. Adrenalin rush with Dj rupture for AIH, remix EP heart it races. They wanna know Remix with Ghislain Poirier on Taxrecords.

Set List

I have a 15 minute set that comprise of three songs,"Everylittlething, Believe and the healing" I have a 30 minute show thats comprise of six song,"They wanna know, Jah is love, Raindrops, Warning, Believe and missing you". I have a 45 minutes show comprise of 9 songs," Mama, Everylittlething, warning, Growth,Missing you,Jah is love,Im your KING,Believe and they wanna know". I have a great catalog of song so I can perform for as long as im wanted.