Mr Lewis and the Funeral 5

Mr Lewis and the Funeral 5


We're not afraid of looking a little whimsical or silly musically. And we're not a novelty act. It's a little cabaret, barrel house, mid sixties pop, and seventies rock mixed into drinking songs and dancing music.


Who the hell is Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 anyway? Insane circus rock perveyors? Maybe. Are they what it would sound like if you trapped Queens Of The Stone Age in a dank basement and force fed them Irish whiskey and Tom Waits music? It's quite possible. It's a better guess to say that they are a band that has set out to prove that funerals can be fun if thrown by the right party planner. They couple lyrics about murder, drinking, and just a general desperation as if they were straight out of a Greek tragedy, along with music comprised of jubilant, tuneful song writing to come up with a sound that isn't quite average. Top it off with a whimsical shit eating grin, and you've got their unique brand of good old fashioned drinking music. They may take over the world. They may take over a 3 block radius. They may take over the payments on a reasonably priced 1989 Ford Taurus with slight body damage and two new tires. Who's to say? These are all just words anyway.


Murder And The Art Of The Dance (Debut LP slated for an early fall release.)

Set List

The typical set list is tailored to the standard 45 minutes, but we can do longer if need be.
"I Found Love On The Highway"
"My Girl Suicide"
"Black Coffee Night"
"The Alleyway King"
"A Song For Dawn"
"The Sun Won't Rise Today"
"A Shot And A Smile"
"Tuesday's The New Monday"