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Mr. Lexicon

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From an undisclosed country comes Mr. Lexicon, The Foreign Rap Sensation! These men risked everything to live the American Dream through Hip Hop Music. Their heavy accented English flows perfectly over the most innovative production in Hip Hop.


In the year 2000, Mr. lexicon sailed to the US on a homemade boat. They have spent the past 6 years learning English and learning American culture through Rap. Their music has drawn comparison's to Cypress Hill and the Beastie Boys. Their album Foreign Policy has been called the Hip Hop equivalent of Green Day's American Idiot. Even in the post 911 world of xenophobia, their innovative music and distinctive personality have made them an instant smash from the grimiest underground clubs to Hollywood cast parties. On the stage, on record, the movie screen, and in the new comic book based on their lives, Mr. Lexicon represents for the foreigner in all of us!

“The Bay Area’s Mr. Lexicon would appear to be the latest entry into the conscious rap scene. It’s nice to see someone injecting humor into the all-to-serious political spectrum, and once these guys disarm you with a laugh, they beat you over the head with their inspired lyricism. A Mr. Lexicon show is endlessly engaging and draws from the unfermented energy of Iggy Pop and The Stooges.”
-SF Weekly


Their debut LP, "Foreign Policy" is an underground smash in the San Francisco Bay Area, gettting play on both college and community radio. "Foreign Policy" can be heard at

Set List

A typical set list can be anywhere from a half-hour to an hour long. They can do one or two sets a night, whatever the venue decides. Typically, the set list goes like this:
Bees and Honey, Foreign Policy, Spooky Spooky, Sack Up, School Of Ft. Knox, The Love Song, I Come To This Country, Soaghetti Western, Shit Tunnel, Lexiconic