Mr M and The All Nighters

Mr M and The All Nighters


Mr M and the All Nighters are a Vancouver based Northern Soul band. Our philosophy is based on the Wigan Casino tradition of foot stomping soul, sweat, dancing, sweat and the obligatory 45rpm record boxes and of course more sweat.



Mr M and the All Nighters took the stage and played a great set of soul, funk, and r & b music, and covered a couple songs too including "Tainted Love" with success. The band had a unique setup with 3 singers that interestingly all had very different voices. Despite this noticeable diversity, the band sounded great and the different voices added colour to their music instead of confusion. This is quite remarkable because usually I find that the character and strength of a band's sound is weakened when it has more than one lead singer. Most successful bands have one person, one voice fronting the band. Mr M and the All Nighters were able to sound great even without having to stick to this traditional formula maybe in part because of the kind of music they were playing. Their instrumentals sounded great too, and it kept the audience dancing throughout the set.
Andrew Cheng, The Ubyessy 2/2/07 [UBC Student Newspaper], Vancouver

A great new upcoming Vancouver talent that will surprise most. They combine musical creativity with some outstanding vocal genius. I highly recommend this band.
Conrad Schmidt - Coordinator Workless Party of BC

Recently I saw a great party band. Mr. & the All Nighters had us all up dancing to some of our favourite tunes from such greats as James Brown and Dusty Springfield. They call their music Northern Soul. It combines the best of soul music, rhythm & blues and good old rock & roll. The band is tight and consistently "in the groove" with two great vocalists, talented lead and bass guitarists, a terrific brass section and a drummer who holds it all together. Mr. M. & the All Nighters provided lots of fun and fine music for the evening. I'm looking forward to seeing them again.
Peggy Stortz, West Vancouver

Mr. M and the All Nighters will keep you dancing into the wee hours. A cool combination of fun and funky, this talented group will make any party a success. Their Twelfth Night Party debut was amazing. The vocals were smooth and the musicians so skilled that it makes you wish you had taken up an instrument when you were younger. Highly recommended!!
Drina Read, Vancouver


In the studio this summer

Set List

Our songs include: Move On Up, Tainted Love, I Can't Stand the Rain, That's How Strong My Love Is, Footsteps on the Roof, Heatwave, Papa Was a Rolling Stone, Do I love You ? [Indeed I do], I'm On my Way, Night Train, I Hear a Symphony, The Joker and many more.