New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Mr.Marvin is a new generation of Hip-Hop/Rap music.
The first in the world bilingual English/Russian Rapper,founder of NHM Recordings.


Emil Z also known as Mr. Marvin is a new and upcoming first bilingual English/Russian Brooklyn Rapper, CEO and founder of NHM Recordings. Mr. Marvin was born in Almaty but grew up in Brooklyn, where he currently resides. Mr. Marvin has earned his reputation not only in Asia and Europe, now he is stepping his game up in US. In the past Mr. Marvin was a winner of the first Asian X Games in KZ in "Rollerblading discipline". His talent doesn't stop right there, he is also known as a good recording engineer, producer and talent discoverer. Mr.Marvin's first official studio album "The Broken Silence" was released in November 2011 and has been downloaded numerous times. So far Mr. Marvin has 4 released albums, there are: "#1" Mixtape, official album "The Broken Silence", "Dangerous" Mixtape and "Expected" album which is now available in all digital stores. Currently Mr. Marvin is focused on business aspect of his record label and making music.


"Expected" official album 2012
'Dangerous' Mixtape 2012
'The Broken Silence' Official album 2011
#1 Mixtape 2009-2010